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Activus Joins iPMI Magazine Medical Cost Containment Provider Network Featured

Activus Joins iPMI Magazine Medical Cost Containment Provider Network

Insurers who focus on IPMI and expatriate healthcare insurance have always had the challenge of finding software that meets their requirements for multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-tax operations. In recent years, local regulators have added to this complexity by imposing more stringent regulations on external insurers who operate in their local markets. Insurers are now faced with making their ‘global’ products meet local mandatory requirements, operate within the local health ‘ecosystem’ and possibly comply with data residency rules.

Whether integrating with e-claims networks in the UK, US or UAE for example or co-ordinating benefits with state provided coverage, these are the operational scenarios, often requiring multiple legal entities to exist on the one product, for which Actisure was built.  

As a consequence, this rich capability has resulted in Actisure having more IPMI clients (insurers, ‘super brokers’ and managing general agents) than any other software provider.

Activus is a leading worldwide supplier of application software and implementation services to the medical insurance, protection insurance and assistance markets. Activus is now part of Cegedim Insurance Solutions, the market leading and innovative technology company focused on health insurance. Our core platform, Actisure, is at the heart of Cegedim’s international strategy.

Winner of the 2015 XCelent Functionality Award (© Celent 2015), Actisure is a flexible, service oriented software platform that manages domestic and international books of business with installations in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Africa and Australasia.

Actisure is a modern, best of breed application. Clients can implement a fully integrated system allowing them to replace multiple existing systems. Alternatively clients can deploy specific modules within a wider SoA based architecture.

High levels of configuration provides speed to market advantages and limitless product configuration options whilst lessening the dependence on scarce IT resource. Actisure can be deployed on site or in a private cloud in Cegedim’s world class health accredited data centers.

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