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Aviva Withdraws From IPMI Market Featured

Aviva Withdraws From IPMI Market

When, why and how Aviva is moving out of the international private medical insurance market?

Aviva is withdrawing from the IPMI market to focus more of its health insurance resources on the UK Private Medical Insurance (PMI) market.

Here’s our summary of the key dates and arrangements for continuation cover with Aetna International. For full information consult your account manager.

Aviva confirms key dates and honours existing policyholders

From 11 January 2018 Aviva will no longer quote for any new business or renewal terms with start dates from 1 May 2018 onwards. Customers will be offered continued terms by Aetna at renewal and so Aviva’s gradual withdrawal from this market will take until the middle of 2019 to complete.

All existing Aviva quotes with future new business or renewal dates will be honoured, along with any re-quote activity. All existing policyholders will remain protected until the policy renewal date should an illness or injury happen while they are living or working overseas.

At renewal time, Aetna International will offer each customer a new quote on favourable terms for which they will not need further underwriting.

Why Aviva UKI is withdrawing from the IPMI market

Aviva UKI is withdrawing from the IPMI market because it isn’t central to Aviva’s strategy to focus on markets where it can achieve scale and profitability, or have a distinct competitive advantage.

In recent months, they have demonstrated this in Taiwan and Spain. In addition, in July 2017 they sold Friends Provident International Limited.

Withdrawing from the IPMI market is one of several levers they can pull to help achieve domestic growth.  They are the third largest provider in the UK PMI market and are committed to improve on that position.

IPMI is separate from their health businesses in other international markets, which are unaffected by this decision.

How Aetna International will deliver continuation cover

Aetna International’s scale, expertise, customer service infrastructure and technological focus mirror aspects of Aviva’s business model, so they felt confident that it could deliver the healthcare benefits customers require.

At renewal time clients will receive an Aetna International indicative renewal quote, based on anonymised data. Each customer will receive a unique reference number with which to contact Aetna International, who will arrange authorisation to share secure customer data with Aviva. In this context, clients who accept Aetna International’s terms will do so on a non-advised basis, with Aviva acting as an introducer. Clients choosing to renew their policies with Aetna International will become Aetna’s customers and will no longer have a relationship with Aviva.

Aviva are confident that the customer communications programme they have in place, backed with robust processes, they help make this a smooth transition process.  Both Aviva and Aetna’s customer and broker service teams will also be available to further smooth the transition.

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