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Aetna Supports Mental Health Issues In Hong Kong Featured

Aetna Supports Mental Health Issues In Hong Kong

To mark the launch of its new Hong Kong health insurance company, Aetna announces a relationship with non-profit organization Mind HK to promote mental health wellness in the territory.

Global health care benefits provider Aetna International has announced that it will work with non-profit organization, Mind HK, to promote awareness of mental health issues among Hong Kong residents. This relationship comes hot on the heels of Aetna’s launch of its new Hong Kong health insurance company, Aetna Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, on July 16 2018.

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One of the first joint efforts of this relationship is a study of the current perceptions around people who suffer from mental illness in Hong Kong today, and the stigma that people face here. The study will be undertaken in conjunction with the Hong Kong University, King’s College London, as well as London-based non-profit, Time to Change UK.

“If you look at the figures, one in six people in Hong Kong at any one time have a diagnosable mental health problem. And the problem is likely a lot bigger than that, as it’s still very much taboo to discuss mental health and emotional issues here,” said Dr. Hannah Reidy, Chief Executive Officer of Mind HK. “I’m hopeful that when Hong Kong catches on that the solution to mental health is to start talking about it, everyone will start doing this, and make it easier for people to ask for help when they need it.”

Aetna and Mind HK will also work to introduce to Hong Kong best practices from places that have spent more time trying to improve mental health care on a population basis - countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

Today, Aetna’s award-winning Summit health plans for employers offer a built-in Employee Assistance Program - at no additional cost – to help companies support the mental wellbeing of their employees. With the program, Aetna members get access to confidential counselling from behavioural health experts in 180 countries around the world; by phone call, email, web and even chat messaging via an app.

“As we work to raise awareness for mental health issues, we’re also equally focused on developing solutions for people who need help,” says Kevin Jones, Chief Executive of Aetna Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited. “We’re looking into ways to drive early intervention – things like enhancing primary care offerings and using technology to make access to help more widely and easily available.”

As a leader in international health insurance, Aetna International also regularly publishes content on its website to help the globally mobile manage the stresses of transitioning to a Proprietary new country. The Aetna Explore Hub is publicly available and boasts resources such as country guides, moving checklists and guides on adapting to new cultures and environments.

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