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New iPMI Magazine Entry Level Digital Marketing Program Makes iPMI Market Entry Affordable To All Featured

New iPMI Magazine Entry Level Digital Marketing Program Makes iPMI Market Entry Affordable To All

Place your brand in the right place, at the right time in front of an active audience of IPMI market executives from payor to provider. Due to the nomadic nature of the international private medical insurance (IPMI) industry, iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service for worldwide insurance and assistance professionals who need to understand the impacts of insurance and healthcare policy, regulatory, and legislative developments. Over 40,000 senior level business decision makers, in over 120 countries, rely on iPMI Magazine to stay 1 step ahead of the risk and on the inside track of international PMI.

iPMI Magazine is an excellent source of in-depth information on our market and useful to a wide range of brokers, customers, insurers and service providers.

Richard Di Benedetto President Aetna International
iPMI Magazine Is An Incredible Case Study In The Age Of New Wave Digital Media 

iPMI Magazine is an incredible case study in the age of new wave digital media! For advertisers catering for expatriate and business travel insurance and assistance, it has drawn respected and targeted exposure, in a field previously limited in scope and content. As a result more industry leaders are learning that this is not only a viable growth sector globally, but also about the overwhelming importance of international health insurance, and how it affects our personal lives and work environment.

Brian S. Piper, Head of Business Development, Integra Global
Chris Knight is a true professional. He is diligent and has an excellent understanding of business relationship management combined with an enthusiastic drive. He is respected by us as a leader in his specialist field and a joy to do business with. 

Christopher Percival, Director, HealthCare International
iPMI Magazine Is An Excellent Media For Brokers & Insurers 

iPMI magazine is an excellent media for brokers & insurers with an excellent internet exposure.Thank you for your collaboration with AOC Insurance Broker.

Olivier LE FAOUDER, CEO, AOC Insurance Broker
Very Interesting Content That Is Easily Accessible 

QHA Trent has no formal or financial association with IPMI Magazine, but it has very interesting content indeed that is easily accessible.

Professor Steve Green, Trent Accreditation UK
Chris is a non -stop guy, who gets results and does not stop at obstacles. He has an incredible address book and is well respected in the International Healthcare/events field. If Chris says he can deliver, then sit back and relax, he WILL deliver. 

Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus CEO Medic Assistance International

Turn to page 19 of the media pack here to learn more about how you can join iPMI leaders and place your brand in the right place at the right time, on an international scale.

Covering business travellers, high net worth individuals, expatriate and leisure travel markets, iPMI Magazine is the only international news source covering the most exciting sector of international health insurance: international private medical insurance.

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