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iPMI Magazine successfully rebranded to iPMI Global in 2023 and has moved to a new home on the internet. To visit the brand new international private medical insurance business intelligence platform, please go to

iPMI Magazine Protects Business During COVID-19 Featured

iPMI Magazine Protects Business During COVID-19

iPMI Magazine, the only dedicated online platform serving the international private medical insurance market, is excited to announce a range of COVID-19 business protection, support and continuity services.

The range of services will assist your business in these difficult times and will be announced 1-by-1 over the coming weeks. 

Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine comments, "We are living in risky times. Global markets have crashed. The world is at a stand still. It is going to take years for recovery, especially if you are working international travel insurance markets. Fortunately iPMI Magazine caters for an entirely different market - the international medical insurance market; serving the complex medical requirements of expatriates worldwide.

As travel insurers wash their hands of COVID-19 risks, it leaves many travel insurance market payors and providers in a vulnerable position. With this in mind, we have designed a program of business continuity services, in order to support both medical and travel insurance markets. Many who serve the travel insurance market are perfectly positioned to cater for international medical requirements, and now is the time that those businesses look a little further than lost luggage and missed flights."

David Bond, CIO, iPMI Magazine adds, "Global passenger traffic results for March 2020 show that demand (measured in total revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs) dived 52.9% compared to the year-ago period.This is the exact time that travel insurance market payors and providers need to look at new markets, and the expatriate market is the perfect place to focus. Once the dust settles travellers will be looking for all-out, full blown medical coverage - the insurance plans of yesterday will not be in demand tomorrow. This means there will be in a boom in international private medical insurance, where underwriters and providers are already reacting proactively to the COVID-19 risks."

Business Support Step 1:

Until June 31st 2020 iPMI Magazine will cut 20% off the annual rate card of all international digital marketing plans. Please refer to page 19 of the iPMI Magazine media kit, here

Example Coverage:

Looking at page 19 of the media kit, you can now add your business to the online digital provider network directory, build an online company micro website on iPMI Magazine, submit premium contents like press releases and case studies, and enjoy the power of the iPMI Magazine global marketing machine.

Under the PROVIDER program, with a 20% discount, it breaks down to an investment of approx. £84 per week: to access over 40,000 global decision makers each and every month, within the most exciting area of global healthcare. 

Benefit VS Cost

How much investment would it cost to meet 40,000 decision makers each and every month? How much time would that take?

The iPMI market is highly competitive, niche yet extremely lucrative for those that understand it. 

Get Further Information

To discuss program requirements please write to David Bond, CIO, iPMIM on ipmi[at]

The iPMI Market

The globally mobile population has grown dramatically along with the increased global business. There are 66 million expatriates, and by 2020 this will be 87.5 million. 260 million people now live away from their country of birth and within a decade the total number of expatriate workers and international students will be 100 million.2


Is iPMI Magazine offering this discount because sales are down?

No. Sales are up, as we forecast. iPMI Magazine clients are experiencing a heavier call load, and requests for even more complex medical information. On top of this clients are designing new plans and services to cater for the COVID-19 risks, reacting proactively, as we knew they would. 

How well positioned is iPMI Magazine to survive COVID-19?

Ask our clients who are now booking 2 year digital marketing programs in advance. Our renewal rate for digital marketing services remains at 100%. Once clients join, they stay. iPMI Magazine was designed coming out of the crash of 2008 and is perfectly positioned in the face of new risks.

What can I expect if my business joins iPMI Magazine?

Your brand will-be-placed in the right place, at the right time, in front of an active global audience of the most important people in the IPMI market. Further to building mind and market share through online digital marketing alongside highly relevant contents, you may educate the market as to what you do, and why you do it - why they should be partnering and working with you. 

The May 2020 edition of the iPMI Magazine Provider Network e-Directory is out now featuring over 70 pages of company intelligence.

The iPMI Magazine network consists of a wide range of leading international medical payors and service providers, on call, 24/7 to assist you manage worldwide medical risks during a global pandemic.

The international medical network covers all sectors of the global medical insurance business, and you can use the directory to source new partners and service providers. Simply use the the contact details within the network directory to connect with new partners and customers. 

IPMI Market Network Sectors: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management and Pharmacy Benefits Management.

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The IPMI industry use the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on international private medical insurance payors and providers. They may be searching for a new partner, looking for a contact number of a current provider, or researching the payor and provider market for future cross border network development.

Classifications include: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management and Pharmacy Benefits Management.

Current Advertisers 

Click a company name below to visit their micro web site on iPMIM and learn more or download the brand new e-directory using the above link. 










1: Passenger Demand Plunges March 2020 As COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Take Hold

2: International Health Insurance 2019: The Definitive iPMI Market Report

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