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AXA Health Is Here Featured

AXA Health has been created by uniting AXA’s health insurance (AXA PPP healthcare and Health-on-Line) and employee support (Health Services/ICAS-UK) brands.

The company will also be simplifying its business structure and legal entities.

These developments will enable AXA Health to realise its ambition of empowering each of its customers to find their own route to wellbeing.

Tracy Garrad, CEO of AXA Health, said, “As the world around us changes, we recognise the need to change too. That's why we're bringing together three of our trusted brands – AXA PPP healthcare, Health-on-Line and Health Services/ICAS UK – under one name: AXA Health.

“We believe that, by going a little further every day, all of us can bring out our best selves.  And that by continually making improvements to our business we can make things simpler and easier for our intermediaries and our clients.

“With this change comes a new ambition – to help our members be the best version of themselves, whether that’s feeling fitter, improving their mental wellbeing or reducing their health risks, one win at a time. 

“And to be the UK's number 1 health and wellbeing business.”

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