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Generali Specialty Insurance Division Announces Award Winning Voluntary Employee Benefits Solution

Generali US Branch and its Specialty Insurance Division (the Division) today announced that its Voluntary Employee Benefits Solution designed in concert with the Generali Employee Benefits received the honor of "Best Fronting Partner" at the 2020 US Captive Review Awards. 

This award-winning product and service combines the portable electronics insurance launched by the Division last year with an industry leading Generali Employee Benefits program to provide a unique solution that benefits both employees and captive insurers. This program meets both a captive insurance company's need for unimpeachable third-party premium volume and the consumer's need for cost effective portable device protection. Through this program employers, universities, associations, and other third-party groups can provide low cost protection on a variety of portable electronic devices for a lower cost than traditional warranties offered by retailers on each device.

Jose Luis Menéndez, Executive Vice President and Chief Insurance Officer, Generali US Branch, commented on today's news, "We're honored to receive this award from the US Captive Review as it's a testament to the strength of the larger Generali Group that was leveraged to make an award winning product that addresses key market needs among insurers and consumers alike. In the current virtual workplace additional tech is needed to work remotely, organizations of all types can take advantage of this program to provide their members with a low-cost warranty solution that provides protection backed by Generali."     

To view the full list of winners and learn more about US Captive Awards, please click here

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