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iPMI Magazine Marketing And Advertising Media Kit 2021 Featured

iPMI Magazine Marketing And Advertising Media Kit 2021

Learn All About iPMI Magazine Professional Digital Advertising, Media & Marketing Services In The Brand New iPMI Magazine 2021 Marketing And Advertising Media Kit.

  • STATS: Get all the traffic stats and latest reader info on;
  • iPMIM FORMATS: Explore the varied media formats available;
  • COUNTRIES: Discover the Geographics of the iPMIM audience;
  • SPONSORS: Learn why and how the industry is working with;
  • iPMIM RATE CARD: Find a suitable rate and marketing program.

iPMI Magazine is where the international medical, health care and expatriate market go to protect insureds, find new providers, expand worldwide broker networks, build new relationships and stay 1 step ahead of the risk.

“The International Private Medical Insurance Magazine have great market knowledge and experience in the iPMI sector and they produce excellent market updates. We are delighted to be associated with Christopher Knight and his team.”


Over 40,000 international private medical insurance executives, in over 120 countries, rely on iPMI magazine each month to stay 1 step ahead of the risk.

Due to the nomadic nature of the international private medical insurance (IPMI) market iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service for worldwide insurance and assistance professionals who need to understand the impacts of health care and insurance policy, regulatory, and legislative developments.

iPMI Magazine is the only truly global IPMI media serving the international medical insurance and assistance industry. Trusted by leading iPMI payors and providers we deliver all of the industry news under 1 roof.

  • Always-on digital media;
  • Highly referenced by the industry;
  • 40K+ unique readers each month;
  • 11 years in operation;
  • Increase online influence;
  • Drive targeted web traffic;
  • Written by the industry;
  • Educational and informative;
  • Regular news = regular readers;
  • Executive and exclusive;
  • All the news under 1 roof;
  • Easy to access.

Readers find iPMI Magazine via the following means:

  • iPMI Magazine subscriber database - see page 9;
  • Email newsletters;
  • Social Media;
  • Web searches from sites like Google;
  • By habit;
  • Recommendation.

“If you want to succeed in the Global IPMI business, I highly recommend that you get to know Christopher Knight.”

“iPMI Magazine is an excellent source of in-depth information on our market and useful to a wide range of brokers, customers, insurers and service providers.”


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