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New And Enhanced Productivity And Benefits Services In International Markets Throughout 2022

Sedgwick has announced it will launch new and enhanced productivity and benefits services in international markets throughout 2022.

With this initiative, Sedgwick aims to sharpen its focus on advocacy and client support at both the local and global level in direct response to new challenges that companies, carriers and consumers have faced over the past several years.

With its history of success in administering benefits solutions, the company will extend its international reach and offer global productivity solutions including absence management, workers’ compensation and travel claims administration, as well as travel-related medical assistance to new regions. Sedgwick will share information about each service as it becomes available regionally. These technology-backed solutions are built for modern and flexible benefits programs and accident and health policy coverages in order to address the evolution of the workplace and current needs of corporates, carriers, human resource teams, consumers and more.

“Our world has changed so rapidly that the challenges of even a few years ago are dramatically different from the challenges our clients and consumers face today. Sedgwick’s solutions must evolve and grow as well, leveraging customized technology tools and services for today’s benefits managers,” said Kimberly George, Sedgwick’s global head of product development and innovation. “Our expanded and new global solutions are built to streamline benefits programs for efficiency, flexibility, compliance and ease of use, all while ensuring our clients’ employees and consumers get the timely care they need.” 

Sedgwick is committed to building collaborative and customized partnerships, scaling and redesigning programs to meet dynamic business needs, implementing agile processes, and the ongoing investment in technology in order to continuously improve the claims journey and enhance the client and consumer experience. 

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