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Aetna International Launches New Plan Sponsor Toolkit To Support Successful Roll Out Of Well-Being Initiatives

Aetna International has announced the launch of a new toolkit to help plan sponsors roll out a comprehensive suite of well-being tools, resources and services to support their workforce.

The toolkit is designed to provide comprehensive guidance, advice and resources, so companies can provide clearer and easier ways for employees to engage with health and well-being benefits, as well as their own health.

According to ongoing Aetna International research, companies around the world are actively incorporating health and wellness offerings into their overall strategies, but are still facing challenges when it comes to improving benefits access and usage.

Findings from a recent survey of global workers suggest that many employees would benefit from more structured communications on available support. Close to half (45%) of those surveyed said they would be more likely to use health and well-being benefits if they were properly introduced to them and a similar number (44%) said they would like proper training on how to access and use available support. Additionally, when respondents were asked what would help to improve their current benefits programme, nearly half (45%) said better communication around the support available would make a big difference.

Launching Well-being

To help tackle these challenges, Aetna has created a comprehensive toolkit with everything plan sponsors need to successfully launch Aetna Well-being, including presentations and demos that show employees how to access Aetna Well-being and all its helpful resources.

The launch materials also include a Quick Start Guide featuring an overview of Aetna Well-being programmes and services, a video tour of Aetna Well-being resources, and an Aetna Mind presentation that offers plan sponsors and their employees an in-depth look at Aetna’s mental health programmes such as Wysa and its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The materials are designed to help employers get the most out of their existing Aetna investment and ensure they can expand essential resources (such as Aetna’s Global EAP) across their workforce.

Additionally, the toolkit will be continuously updated with new resources, like the soon to be launched guide that explains the different types of mental health professionals.

Encouraging employees to engage in their health

Once the programme is up and running, the toolkit also aims to make it easier than ever to engage employees in their own health and well-being. It all starts with the Aetna Well-being Calendar—a valuable monthly employee communications programme that will help educate, guide and support workforces on a variety of physical and emotional health topics. Plan sponsors simply sign up for their employees to receive relevant health and well-being tips focusing on what’s needed to manage a population’s health, and Aetna takes care of the rest.

Employees will also receive invites to live and on-demand webinars, led by clinical experts, giving them the opportunity to raise questions and get answers to important topics such as healthy meal planning, heart disease, anxiety, ergonomics and more.

Furthermore, to support employees in crisis or at high-risk, the toolkit will signpost members toward focused ready-to-go content, including articles and videos on coping after violence, facing the unknown after a disaster and more.

Measuring engagement

In addition, Aetna Well-Being provides access to the Wysa Whole of Workforce Core solution, which offers all of Wysa’s award-winning mental health benefits to all employees. For additional insights, Wysa Whole of Workforce Plus is available to help plan sponsors more actively engage in and monitor the success of their well-being programme primarily through an anonymised population insights dashboard reporting on content engagement for key mental health themes.

“The pandemic has heightened everyone’s interest in health and well-being – especially mental health. Our ongoing research into employee attitudes shows that it is now more important than ever for employers to take concrete actions to support their employees’ well-being.” Said Damian Lenihan, Executive Director Europe at Aetna International.”

“The good news is that employers don’t always need to layer on new benefits, but can instead adjust their communications approach to ensure that employees are able to take advantage of the benefits that already exist,” continued Damian Lenihan. “That is why we have created this new toolkit; to help employers get the most out of their existing Aetna investment, to complement and enhance their wider well-being strategies, and to drive awareness, engagement and access to the right support at the right time.”

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