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Introducing Think InsurTech

Think Insurtech ( ) is a specialist in PMI and IPMI offering a healthcare SaaS Platform with API connected to CRM SaaS that is completely digital and also compliant with EU regulations. 

Problem – the wave of the future within the insurance industry is to become digital. In order to follow international guidelines (GDPR/IDD/Anti-Money Laundering, KYC) and to increase performance and ROI, it’s necessary to shift toward a digital platform.

One of the challenges brokers, providers and insurers face is to move on non-communicating old monolithic platforms (ERP for example) to SaaS Plug & Play and API’s to communicate with insurer, provider and clients. Think Insurtech is one of the first on the market that offers a turnkey digital solution based on a proven and tested SaaS platform design by a broker for their internal operation. Think Insurtech has made this platform and technology available on a SaaS platform so it’s both affordable and scalable. 


Performance - Collect data including consent, analyse needs, compare PMI & IPMI plan in relation with IDD rules, sending proposals with a personal recommendation and rates regarding insurance needs, and send out all plan information in several minutes.Both new business and renewals. The next step is to engage individual & small group with supplier API to apply online and connected to a CRM environment

Enhanced Customer Engagement - Compare and contrast healthcare plans side by side, in real time, with a visual of premium, benefits and full documentation including IPID & KYC.

Data Security - Full compliance to EU regulations GDPR and IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) with Data encrypted with a dedicated cloud to manage high sensible data

Operational efficiency - Core to our system is a CRM - tracking, all correspondence, renewals, commissions, KPI's, churn, sales performance, sales forecasts.  

Business Valuation - Digital brokers are valued higher than traditional brokers


How do we work with Think Insurtech SaaS in a digital and connected environment?

Platform - SaaS-API - Think Insurtech

  • CRM System to manage clients Insurer/Broker and business portfolio, KPI’s activities
  • Microsoft AD or G suite Enterprise environment including data encryption connected to a HIPAA Cloud
  • HIPAA Cloud to manage folder High sensitive data (application form, credit card, medical folder etc.) connected to Think Insurtech SaaS (Flow of data) and CRM system compliance with IDD/GDPR
  • Module SaaS with third parties to manage Phone communication, internal messages, marketing automation, invoicing, digital proposal including electronic signature etc.…

Data Process Flow


Costs: Get a free trial and get a quote - Our  prices are transparent - ask for our catalogue for white label licenses per user and deployments for Starter Edition, Pro Edition or Infinite packages.


We can deploy only the Think Insurtech SaaS comparator for individuals and groups in white label which is customized specifically for Brokers. Learn more here: Quickstart-guide-tutorial-individuals

Think Insurtech can also deploy for you a complete environment (CRM/API/HIPAA Cloud etc.) depending on your needs. The benefit of the turnkey system –it’s quicker and less expensive than building in house. Plus it has been fully operational tested and enhanced over several years. The system processes are in place and pre-defined but it can be modified according to Broker’s specific needs as required. With our platform we offer the ability for an insurance broker to host both international and domestic plans that other brokers can access your bespoke platform where you can share a commission.

At Think Insurtech, we have a 360° experience of the business and we work with insurers in consulting and for the implementation of digital processes.

For a live demo, contact our team and ask a quote, click here: Free Trial Demo

Download the Think InsurTech brochure here: Think Insurtech Brochure (download the PDF)

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