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iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory September 2018

Uniting #IPMI industry leaders under 1 roof the September edition of iPMI Magazine provider network directory delivers all the pertinent company intelligence your business needs to navigate the complex world of IPMIClassifications covered include IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.

The IPMI industry use the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on worldwide medical payors and providers. They may be searching for a new partner, looking for a contact number of a current provider, or researching the payor and provider market for future cross border network development.

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Publication Frequency: Monthly.

Format: Digital, Online. Free to read, no registration required.

Pages: 80+ (currently).

Language: English.

Readership: 40,000 + unique readers PCM.

Classifications: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.



iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory August 2018

Uniting #IPMI industry leaders under 1 roof the August edition of iPMI Magazine provider network directory delivers all the pertinent company intelligence your business needs to navigate the complex world of IPMIClassifications covered include IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.

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The IPMI industry use the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on worldwide medical payors and providers. They may be searching for a new partner, looking for a contact number of a current provider, or researching the payor and provider market for future cross border network development.










LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BRAND NEW PUBLICATION: Write to Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine on ipmi[at}

Publication Frequency: Monthly.

Format: Digital, Online. Free to read, no registration required.

Pages: 80+ (currently).

Language: English.

Readership: 40,000 + unique readers PCM.

Classifications: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.



iPMI Magazine Speaks With Tom Wilkinson, CEO of AXA’s Global Healthcare Business

Please introduce yourself and background in the international private medical insurance industry:

I joined AXA PPP International as Managing Director in 2014, after previously filling the roles of Director of Marketing, Director of Strategy and Proposition and Director of Strategy, Planning and New Markets at AXA Wealth. Since then, I have taken over responsibility for all AXA branded international private medical insurance, becoming CEO last year.

My understanding of the need for international medical insurance is complemented by my own personal experience, having lived as an expat in a few countries, most recently with my family in France.

A recent PR from AXA talks about the challenges expats and their families face. In a nutshell what are the major challenges?

We carried out a large piece of research to find out which aspects of moving abroad expats struggle with, the results of which show that being away from their support network is one of the most challenging parts of relocating. Forty per cent of adults and 32 per cent of children, according to their parents, said that this was one of the most difficult aspects of making their transition to life abroad.

We also found that language was a difficult barrier to overcome, with parents struggling more than their children. Thirty per cent of adults found learning the local language difficult, as opposed to 25 per cent of children. Quite surprisingly, we also found that expats thought adapting to the new weather conditions was challenging. Twenty-six per cent of adults found it difficult to get used to the weather - though this figure rose  for those relocating to the UK from overseas  to 42 per cent.

What opportunities exist to overcome such challenges?

From my own experience, I would recommend that expats seek as many opportunities as possible to build a new support network, in order to make the transition to a new culture and way of living less challenging. Before arriving, do plenty of research into what opportunities there are in the local area to engage in social activities and meet people. Achieving this quickly will make it much easier to establish yourself, as friends will be able to help you acclimatise to the local culture and get to know the area. Using expat forums or social media can be a great way of finding advice on how to meet people.

How does AXA help manage the complex life of an expatriate?

Preparation is key to making a move successful. To help our customers, we provide information through our online hub on many aspects of the relocation process, such as adapting to new cultures, finding accommodation and making financial arrangements.

We also support our customers with general health concerns by offering them access to a 24/7 medical information helpline, through which they can speak to a nurse about health concerns that could range from vaccinations to children’s health. Customers can call our contact centre at any time to make and discuss claims in a choice of languages, and if they need medical treatment, we can liaise with hospitals on their behalf to secure the necessary treatment and arrange payment of bills. We know that when you fall ill or have an accident in a foreign country, these small details can really make a difference.

In another recent AXA press release Three Quarters Of Expats Put Health At Risk When Moving Abroad you said the research indicated that the majority of expats didn’t consider healthcare to be as high a priority as other factors before they relocate. Why is that?

I think this stems from the fact that when you are moving abroad, there are things that you know you will absolutely need, such as a home, banking facilities or schooling if you are relocating with children. Unless you have an ongoing condition, it’s difficult to predict when you will require access to healthcare, and it can therefore slip down the list of priorities in favour of what might seem like more immediate concerns.

People might also underestimate the importance of arranging healthcare cover if they are coming from a country such as the UK, where free healthcare is readily available to everyone. Access to healthcare of a high standard can vary all around the world, so my advice to anyone who is moving abroad is to make sure you plan ahead and at the very least, investigate what sort of healthcare will be locally available.

Individuals and business insure cars, mobile phones, luggage, laptops and a whole variety of consumables and things. Why is IPMI and international health insurance not so important?

It’s not so much a case of international health insurance being less important. The items you mentioned are consumables that people use every day, and are therefore more likely to be at the front of their minds when it comes to purchasing insurance. Access to healthcare is something that many people tend not to consider until they really need it.

Like many in the IPMI industry you have lived the expat life. Can you tell us about your experience as an expatriate?

I’ve spent time living as an expat in a number of countries, including Switzerland (where my son was born), Japan, Italy, Denmark, the USA and most recently, with my family in France. I’ve always found living overseas to be a hugely rewarding experience. Working abroad definitely broadened my horizons in terms of career opportunities and I’m hopeful that the experience has also opened my children’s eyes to the fact that living and working overseas can be much more than just a “nice idea”. There were challenging moments, but these were totally overshadowed by the positives that I have taken away from my time as an expat.

Why do expatriates buy IPMI?

There are many reasons why an expat might buy IPMI, but at its simplest level, IPMI ensures expats can access a global standard of medical care, regardless of which country they find themselves in. Expats tend to travel often, spending time not only in their country of residence, but also returning home to visit family and friends, or traveling further still for business or leisure. IPMI ensures they can access to healthcare in any of these scenarios.

An AXA IPMI policy typically provides more extensive coverage than local health insurance plans, as well as the security of evacuation or repatriation, should the need arise. In certain parts of Africa, for example, hospitals can be extremely far apart. If an expat needs to be relocated in order to receive medical attention that isn’t available where they are, IPMI provides the assistance of specially trained teams that will transport the patient, across boarders if need be, to the best facility that offers the right medical care.

It’s also important to remember the extra reassurance that speaking to someone in your own language can offer someone who is unwell and feeling vulnerable. Having an accident or becoming ill while overseas can be a daunting prospect and IPMI typically allows customers to speak to someone in their native language, day and night.

In 2017 insurance is a given. Expatriates want value. How does an AXA IPMI plan deliver value?

For starters, an AXA IPMI plan provides all of the benefits and support that you would expect. However, there’s also a lot that we do behind the scenes to ensure our service is of the highest quality, which our customers might be less aware of. For example, we have a specialist fraud management team that ensures our customers get the best possible value from their plan and aren’t affected by over-inflated, or unwarranted, costs due to fraudulent activities

We are also constantly developing our network of global medical providers, to obtain the best prices for medical treatment, and strive to ensure our customers have access to high quality medical facilities, wherever they are in the world. 

How will BREXIT affect the IPMI industry and expatriate market?

The simple answer is that until negotiations with Europe have taken place and we have a clearer understanding of how our relationship with the EU will look post-Brexit, there is no real way of knowing how the IPMI and expat market will be affected. It’s possible that more businesses will move UK offices to Europe, as we have recently seen with Lloyds of London and JP Morgan, and that we may therefore see more British people moving to work abroad. On the other hand, it’s possible that we might see some UK expats who are currently living abroad return home. We will have to wait and see exactly what the effects are.

International PMI or local PMI - what do expatriates want?

One of the key trends that we are seeing is that new expats are more likely to opt for an international plan initially, however, when they become familiar with their new way of life, seasoned expats are more likely to consider a lower level plan or move to a local health insurance plan. That said, we’re seeing many expats who are already on a local plan, perhaps provided by their employers, also buying an international plan, because they want the benefits of the extra flexibility and security that the more comprehensive international plans can offer.

What can we expect from AXA’s IPMI in the future?

As part of the world’s largest insurance brand, we are in the strong position of being able to work with AXA insurers around the world and we operate in 64 countries. This gives us a fantastic platform from which to further expand our ever-increasing portfolio of locally compliant international health plans in countries where specific health regulations exist.    

We’re particularly keen to further develop our proposition in a way that focuses on what’s relevant for a globally mobile audience. Moving abroad for work, a new adventure or simply a change of lifestyle is becoming an increasingly common trend and we’re keen to make sure that we are always on hand for our customers to help navigate the healthcare landscape, wherever they may be.






WellAway Limited Partners With Ciprés Assurance

WellAway Limited, a leader in international health insurance, and Ciprés Assurances, the 4th largest insurance specialists in France, announced their new partnership in September during “Les Journées du Courtage” held in Paris.

 “This partnership is our response to a general demand from local brokers in France to strengthen the offerings available on the market for expatriate health insurance products” explained WellAway CEO, Griselle Chernys.

Ciprés Assurances, the partner of choice for entrepreneurs, and WellAway Limited, combine their expertise in healthcare protection to offer expatriate living abroad the most complete and secure health coverage. Wherever they go and whatever the length of their stay, members are offered a complete coverage to be subscribed before or during the expatriation.

 “Their network of 3,700 independent brokers present on the entire French territory is a great asset to develop and expand WellAway products dedicated to French expatriate market” added Chernys.

Established in 2000, Ciprés Assurance designs and manages health and pension insurance programs dedicated to independent workers and employees of small businesses (SOHO / SME). Ciprés Assurance offers all their customers a competitive range, comprehensive and innovative products and services to secure their income, preserve their heritage, protect their health and protect them against life’s accidents.

WellAway® is an industry-leading company that provides benefit-rich coverage and support to expatriates as they adjust to their new lives abroad.  We offer the first expatriate product in compliance with the US Healthcare Reform – Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Our expertise and extensive experience in the international market space allows us to design and provide global solutions to individuals, organizations and employers.

Our company’s pride revolves on providing feasible, comprehensive and financial answers.  We have a dedicated team of individuals whose expertise is unmeasurable.  As a client you can depend on our knowledge and expertise to assist with the coordination of a treatment, obtaining a doctor’s appointment or to arrange a medical emergency and evacuation service.

WellAway offers the most complete health coverage for expatriates worldwide paired with white-glove ConciergeCare service that delivers reliable member support and is available in more than 180 countries.  By having the ability speak to a ConciergeCare Counselor in their same language, it provides comfort that meet the member’s individual needs.  At WellAway we aim to please our members and ensure their well-being.


Medelinked And Integra Global Put The Consumer At The Centre Of Healthcare Delivery

In a way prescient of how health services will need to be delivered in future, international health plan provider Integra Global has worked with Medelinked to provide a secure online platform that empowers its customers to take control of and manage their healthcare and health state; and to view, update and provide trusted medical professionals with tailored access to their cloud-based personal medical records - all whist increasing the efficiency of the administrative process for more effective health delivery.

Integra Global specialises in providing health plans to organisations composed of increasingly mobile individuals that have with unique health protection needs, such as expatriates, marine professionals and specialised risks. The health plans provide peace of mind that if the individuals need urgent medical treatment anywhere is the world, Integra Global will be able to provide it for them.

With such a responsibility to his customer, Philip Catterton, Integra Global’s founder and managing director, spotted early on that emerging mobile technologies and integration with the company’s core systems could take the service offered to Integra Global’s customers to a new level whilst offering step changes in efficiency in the way the services were delivered.

Access to a unique integrated support environment

Now customers with the Integra Global International Health Plan use the Medelinked platform and customer smartphone app to access a unique integrated support environment featuring: their securely stored personal medical records; the ability to get immediate access to emergency medical assistance, advice and support services wherever they are located in the World.

Using the system, Integra Global is also able to provide pre-primary care by sending push notifications and information straight into the app to help with health state management and good health and fitness behaviour. 

IntegraGlobal International Health Plan app

For Integra Global's customers the International Health Plan `yourHealth` app is easy to access.  It is integrated with Apple Health, available as an app for Apple iOS via the iTunes app store and Android via Google Play.

To build medical history yourHealth immediately enables individuals to record a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests, and can store images of DICOM scans and x-rays to complete their health profile.

The app stores customers' medical records securely through the Medelinked Health Cloud-based online system. It is entirely confidential, the customer has sole control over the information that is stored and can decide whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view any part of their medical history. Integra Global is unable to access any of the data, unless the user chooses to share any records with them.

The customer can also choose any information they would like to store in a password-protected yourHealth Emergency Records area, which a chosen family member or colleague can immediately access in the event of a health emergency or major accident.

Over time, more of Medelinked’s functionality can be integrated in the Integra Global app and currently Integra Global's International Health Plan customers can also use Medelinked to get health advice in real time and chat instantly with healthcare providers – for example their doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, optician, travel clinic - using IM, voice, text, email and video from their desktop using their own Plan.

They can also use other applications from Medelinked including Symptom Checker and HealthClick scanner, and upload information from devices from vendors such as FitBit, Garmin, Jawbone, Microsoft Band, Nokia/Withings and Omron.

Integration with Salesforce CRM system

The integration of yourHealth with Integra Global’s existing Salesforce CRM system of the Medelinked Health Cloud has further enabled efficient and effective service delivery with Integra Global International Health Plan holders being able to securely and directly file pre-authorisation requests and claims from their smartphone using a clear step-by-step guide on how to do so.  They can also find further details about cover details, access their policy and ID card in the app at the touch of a button.

New opportunities for improved healthcare services and better outcomes

Ian Gallifant, founder and CEO, Medelinked says, "We are now seeing a dramatic shift in healthcare - individuals have a heightened interest in their own wellbeing and are increasingly interacting with personal technology to manage their lives.

At the same time, people are realising they have choices, are gaining control and knowledge and are proactively engaging with health issues. The realisation of support and education from online technology and apps as well as their increasing availability is driving new opportunities for improved healthcare services and better outcomes. By establishing a gold standard in health delivery, Integra Global is also showing how healthcare in the future can be delivered to everyone efficiently and effectively.”

Philip Catterton, managing director, Integra Global adds, "We're delighted now to be leading the healthcare industry in the application of mhealth and being able to improve customers' experience of their International Health Plan by providing them with safe mobile access to their personal medical records, round-the-clock health services and a fast, simple pre-authorisation and claims system - all through yourHealth on their smartphones.

But it goes further than that. Medelinked is now the cornerstone on which Integra Global delivers its services in a convenient and seamless way and that benefits both consumers and healthcare professionals alike.”

The future direction of healthcare

Gallifant emphasises, "At a time when major health systems are putting billions into early stage digital programmes Integra Global's International Health Plan yourHealth app is a live, working and outstanding example of the future direction of healthcare. It points the way as to how to provide better services to healthcare users and healthcare professionals alike, whether provision is from the public or private sector.”



WellAway Limited Provides ACA Compliant Products With Optional Worldwide Coverage

As part of its ongoing commitment to make it easy for expats to stay healthy and safe, WellAway Limited ( now offers health insurance products that meet US healthcare regulations and offer worldwide coverage.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that expats planning to spend more than 11 months in the US must be covered by an ACA compliant health insurance plan in order to avoid paying tax penalties. In response to newly implemented US regulations, WellAway® launched the New American plan to accommodate expats relocating to the United States of America.

“We saw a need for a product that would service our global citizens.” said Griselle Chernys, CEO for WellAway Limited. “While they may call the US home for an extended period of time, they do travel and need coverage elsewhere. Our goal was to make it easy with one plan.”

New American is an ACA compliant health insurance product that also offers worldwide coverage. Members receive comprehensive medical coverage including maternity benefits. All WellAway plans also include emergency evacuation and repatriation. Members can choose to expand their coverage beyond the US with ACA+ optional worldwide coverage and further enhance their policy with benefits that include: vision and dental, life and disability, kidnap and ransom, and terrorism.

WellAway® offers the most complete health coverage for expatriates worldwide paired with white-glove ConciergeCare service that delivers reliable member support and is available in more than 180 countries.

For more information, please contact WellAway Limited at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bupa Arabia Launches New International Health Insurance Plan Covering Members Anywhere Around The World

Bupa Arabia has announced launching a new International Health Plan for members to have access anywhere, anytime to a hospital or healthcare professionals, in Saudi Arabia or even when they are travelling abroad.  The 'International Health Plan' is Bupa Arabia's first international single card plan for members to cater to their global healthcare needs.

The 'International Health Plan' provides access to over 1.2 million healthcare providers in 190 countries when the Bupa insurance card is presented. It empowers its members to access elective or emergency treatments abroad whenever they need it.

The 'International Health Plan' is targeted to achieve many of the benefits to the beneficiaries wherever they go for business or leisure, with immediate coverage for preventative tests, maternity cases, dental and optical, cancer treatment, chronic diseases, and more with coverage reaching up to tens of millions of dollars.

"With the rise in the number of Saudis and Expats travelling abroad for business and pleasure, along with the increase in foreign investors and business representatives coming into the Saudi business field, the necessity of expanding our coverage internationally has become extremely apparent." said Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia.

"People's lifestyles are constantly changing, especially in Saudi Arabia," CEO Nazer continued, "and we must be fast on our feet to meet the demands for new health coverage plans that these changes are generating. Whether a person is a frequent traveler for business or pleasure outside the Kingdom, a familiar and reliable international health insurance plan is indispensable, so making Bupa Arabia your insurance partner is a smart decision."

This innovative product is a result of the fruitful partnership between Bupa Arabia and Bupa Global, which possesses more than 70 years of experience in international healthcare across more than 190 countries around the globe.


Now Health International To Offer Morneau Shepell Expatriate EAP Services

Morneau Shepell is pleased to announce its Expat EAP services will be offered as part of Now Health International's health insurance plans. Morneau Shepell's EAP service will be part of the optional extras within Now Health International's existing health insurance offerings.

"Morneau Shepell's capabilities and support mechanisms on a global level match our approach to international healthcare service," said Alex Dalton, Now Health International's Europe Managing Director. "We had looked at other EAP providers in the past but Morneau Shepell is the first we have seen to offer a truly global, integrated solution, which is why we have partnered with them," he added.

Morneau Shepell's Expat EAP service is meant for international relocation and provides expatriates the online, cultural, translation and other EAP services needed when making a big move. Its dual mandate provides short-term solution-focused counseling support and sustains expatriates while on assignment.

"Our commitment to global EAP services for expatriates along with our dedication to online and mobile technology can truly benefit clients of Now Health International," said Richard Albert, Vice President, Global Business Development,Morneau Shepell. "This partnership recognizes those commitments and will provide needed support for workers around the globe."

Now Health, with offices around the world, provides market-leading international health insurance through an innovative customer experience. Although headquartered in Hong Kong, and serving large portions of Asia, Now Health recently combined with Best Doctors Insurance, a major medical insurance provider with distribution in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.


Generali Global Health Launches New International Health Insurance Plan In Hong Kong

Generali Global Health, the international health insurance division of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., has announced the launch of their Global Choice plan in Hong Kong, having successfully registered the product in partnership with Generali Hong Kong. The launch will allow Generali Global Health to distribute Global Choice to corporate clients within this market.

Global Choice is Generali Global Health’s flagship international health insurance plan. It is designed to cater to the needs of globally mobile employees, as well as act as an enhanced health insurance solution for local nationals wishing to travel oversees for treatment. The plan has a flexible modular design, allowing employers to mix-and-match benefits and choose the level of cover they need for each.  It also allows employers to segment their workforce into groups of three or more employees, providing more relevant cover across different parts of their group.

Other Global Choice benefits include:

  • A simpler pricing mechanism that uses a group’s average age to create a single adult and child rating structure
  • Access to a network of over 600,000 medical facilities and the freedom to use a hospital or medical facility of choice
  • Multilingual, 24/7 contact with medical case coordinators who are supported by a team of doctors and clinical specialists
  • Technology that allows members to access their policies from anywhere in the world, including a member portal that provides the ability to carry out tasks from changing policy details to making claims.

 Marco Giacomelli, head of Generali Global Health, said, “Asia is a strategically important region for Generali Global Health, so the launch of Global Choice in Hong Kong is an exciting step into this market. Our customers will greatly benefit from Generali Global Health’s specific expertise in international health and Generali Hong Kong’s knowledge and reputation for excellence in the local market, and we are proud to offer them the widest and most flexible range of products and services in the market.”

The plan's additional benefits include high annual limits, a direct billing facility in an international network, and a range of specialist cover options.

Terry Tsang, Assistant General Manager, Generali Hong Kong said, “In Asia, healthcare costs are amongst some of the highest in the world. This creates a unique customer demand for individual and group health insurance businesses. Global Choice is a flexible and cost efficient solution that has been developed in response to this market need. In this competitive environment, quality insurance products from Generali Global Health demonstrate Generali’s commitment to understand our customers and address their specific needs.” 


RSA And Now Health Partner To Launch Leading International Health Insurance Services In The UAE

RSA Insurance announced that they will be launching an international health insurance proposition in partnership with Now Health International as the post-sale administrator of plans within the UAE.

The new partnership, which offers the highest quality of coverage and access to worldwide healthcare via the WorldCare plan, will be available for new and renewal business from 1 June 2016. Existing customers that already have a WorldCare plan do not need to take any action as they will be transferred seamlessly, while ensuring that they continue to enjoy the same benefits and premium rates.

Commenting on the new partnership, David Harris, Director - Distribution, UAE & Bahrain, said, “As part of our endeavor to continue providing our customers the leading suite of insurance services, we are excited to tie up with Now Health to bring their award-winning proposition to the market, where we see growing demand for premium facilities in this space. Through this partnership, we will continue to ensure that our clients remain in safe hands and enjoy access to a range of fast and accurate services, in addition to a variety of convenient digital tools. It is in line with our aim of bringing the best insurance services globally to the UAE and customising them to local needs.”

The new proposition will provide full coverage for a range of international health insurance needs such as cancer, hospital charges, organ transplants and evacuation and repatriation. As the winner of “Most Innovative Service Provider” at the MENA Insurance Awards 2016, Now Health also offers a suite of digital tools such as its mobile app that can be used to find a medical provider or submit a claim.

Now Health’s CEO, Martin Garcia said, “The UAE is one of Now Health’s core markets so we are very excited to be partnering with RSA in the region. Garcia continued, “RSA have almost sixty years of insurance experience in the Middle East and are extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the IPMI market in particular. It’s great to be working with them and we anticipate a longterm and highly fruitful relationship.”

The health insurance sector in the country has been growing at a rapid pace over the past few years. Statistics from the UAE Insurance Authority show that medical insurance accounted for 44.5% of total non-life insurance premiums, reaching AED 11.1 billion in 2014, a growth rate of almost 12%.1 The sector is expected to continue growing, driven by the initiatives such as the Dubai government’s mandatory health insurance law for companies, and expectations for the UAE’s healthcare market to reach $19.5 billion by 2020.2

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