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International Private Medical Insurance Magazine (iPMIM) is the ultimate Health and Medical Insurance Digital Media serving expatriate, corporate, health and travel insurance markets. Due to the nomadic nature of the international healthcare industry iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service, for worldwide healthcare professionals, who need to understand the impacts of healthcare and insurance policy, regulatory, and legislative developments. Combined with in depth health insurance industry analysis, best-in-class health insurance industry data, and exclusive, C-Suite Executive health insurance interviews and round tables, iPMI Magazine bridges an information gap between healthcare payor, provider and patient. Written by the health and medical insurance industry, for the health and medical insurance industry, iPMIM is supported and designed by leading international medical insurance companies and service providers.

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FOCUS ON FRAUD: iPMI Magazine Speaks With Simon Cook, Head Of Technical Claims, CEGA Group, A Charles Taylor Company

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine sits down with Simon Cook, Head Of Technical Claims, CEGA Group, to discuss one of the leading risks in medical, healthcare and travel insurance markets globally: fraud.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your Special Investigations Unit?

Having worked in insurance fraud for over 14 years, I am passionate about the sector.

My career first began back in the 90’s, working for Eagle Star Direct/Zurich as a motor claims negotiator. I progressed to become a senior fraud investigator at TIG /Conversant Data and then joined CEGA in 2008 as Special Investigations Manager. My remit was to set up a new Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to help combat the ever-increasing threat of travel insurance fraud faced by our clients.

Today, this unit has grown to become a global provider of fraud detection and validation services for multi-sector claims; not least travel, household, health, personal accident and hospital benefits. Our specialist services benefit insurers by enabling dishonest claims to be declined: reducing insurers’ losses, while ensuring the fast payment of genuine claims. We also have a dedicated subrogation department to recover our clients’ costs from other sources, such as dual insurers, third parties and airlines.

Based in Chichester and Bournemouth, we work closely with our in-house medical, claims and travel units, and with a worldwide network of investigators, to carry out thousands of investigations a year. We are available as a stand-alone service - where clients manage their own claims and pass instructions to us - or as an integrated service, where we manage the end-to-end claims and assistance customer journey.

Until recently, I was also a director of the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG): arranging conferences, speaker line-ups and social events.

You recently announced a partnership with Charles Taylor General Adjusting Services (CTGAS), a division of your parent company. What are the benefits of this?

Partnering with CTGAS in 2017 has enabled us to offer clients seamless loss-adjusting, fraud investigation and end-to-end claims validation services for all types of insurance - all over the world. This has created a range of new business opportunities; most notably in the the aviation, property, casualty and special risks sectors. It has also expanded CTGAS’ own service offering.

Would you like to share some of your other developments over the last two years?

We were delighted to be recognised in the 2018 British Claims Awards, with the Counter Fraud Award. Since then, we have continued to pursue an ambitious growth agenda and added to the team with both internal promotions of existing staff and external recruitment to add to our diverse skill set. We have also been pleased to see that we were responsible for over a third of the ABI’s reported annual travel insurance fraud savings in 2017 (the most recent ABI data available).

On the developmental front, we have been optimising internal fraud controls and processes for our insurer clients, as well as our own claims handlers; to ensure we are one step ahead of fraudsters.

We also constantly invest in our people and give them the opportunity for personal growth - supporting both our own team and CEGA’s wider customer-facing staff with training for professional investigator accreditations and CII exams.

How is fraud detection developing – particularly in the context of automated claims?

Some dishonest claimants may see automated claims as an easy target for fraud. But automation is playing an important part in detecting fraud too. For example, automated reporting systems can detect suspicious activity early in the claims cycle, such as subtle similarities between claims. Efficient data storage enables insurers to spot unusual patterns in or volumes of provider bills, while automated bill auditing enables case details to be scrutinised and cost or treatment discrepancies to be identified.

It’s important for fraud investigators to constantly enhance their processes, and to innovate. But prevention will always be the optimum solution to fraud, which is why insurers are implementing tighter controls at point of policy application, so that customers known to be associated with fraud can be refused cover.

What are the other key components of an effective insurance fraud detection strategy?

A robust Key Fraud Indicator (KFI) checklist, ideally supported by system-driven alerts, will help frontline claims handlers identify fraud at an early stage. Meanwhile, regular fraud awareness training and communication will help educate claims staff about new and existing fraud trends, drive the development of tailored front-end questioning techniques and ensure that genuine claimants are paid quickly.

In the case of medical claims, access to a multi-skilled medical team is crucial to identifying overtreatment or inflated costs in hospitals abroad. The team can talk to patients about their treatment and, where necessary, question the necessity of proposed medical procedures.

For all claims originating overseas, a global network of local investigators ‘on the ground’ is essential. They can visit hospitals, retail outlets and police stations, and interview witnesses (and more) to assess the validity of bills. Seeing an outlet at first hand will often expose a scam quickly, for instance when a shop or hospital doesn’t exist, medical records can’t be produced, or a loss report isn’t recognised by a local police station.

We’re fortunate that our parent company Charles Taylor’s presence in almost 120 locations worldwide gives us access to highly experienced international colleagues. They are able to carry out investigations on our behalf and complement our own extensive global network.

Can you give us some examples of outrageous fraudulent insurance claims?

Insurance fraud can range from adding a few extra items to a genuine claim (to cover the costs of a policy excess), to fabricating an armed robbery. But fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated; often involving cunningly crafted scams, expertly executed and backed up with reams of supposed evidence.

To give you some examples: one policyholder claimed that he and his wife had received treatment for broken noses when they both fell down a flight of concrete steps abroad. Surprisingly, they had no other injuries. In fact, they had both sought treatment for cosmetic surgery and fabricated the circumstances of the incident to falsely claim these expenses.

This fraud was unearthed when our investigator visited the clinic where the couple claimed to have been treated. It quickly became evident that the clinic didn’t fit the description provided by the policyholder and that it had given the couple pre-cosmetic surgery advice, not essential medical treatment. More interestingly, there was a large caricature of a cosmetic surgery patient on its wall.

Then there was the man who stated that a small bridge had collapsed as he walked over it whilst on holiday, and that he had received extensive medical treatment for his injuries. Our overseas enquiries with locals established that they knew nothing about this alleged incident and that there was only one footbridge in the area, which had never collapsed. Further enquiries at the hospital revealed that the customer had never been admitted for treatment, although he had claimed over £5,000 for medical expenses.

If you’d like to find out more about our investigations, watch us in Series 11 of BBC 1’s Claimed and Shamed: the popular expose of insurance fraudsters. Shown later this year, it’s expected to attract over a million viewers and is a great chance to broadcast the message that fraudulent claims will be found out, wherever they originate in the world.


Voyager Insurance Services Achieve 5-Star Rating With Moneyfacts

Travel Insurance products Able2Travel Travel Insurance and VoyagerPlus Travel Insurance have been awarded 5-star ratings for their Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policies from independent rating company; Moneyfacts.

Pre-existing medical condition focused travel insurance product Able2Travel Travel Insurance has been awarded 5 stars for its Gold and Platinum levels of travel cover for both Single Trips and Annual Multi-Trips. VoyagerPlus Travel Insurance, which caters for a wide range of travel insurance customers such as families, Winter Sports or Back Packers, follows suit for its Prime and Black levels of cover.

Managing Director of Voyager Insurance, Carl Carter, said, “Receiving 5 stars from Moneyfacts for 8 levels of travel cover for our Able2Travel and Voyager Plus Travel Insurance products is an exceptional achievement. Moneyfacts provide independent comparison charts and annually assess the travel insurance market, focusing awards on products and policies that offer relevant and unique features to meet the demands of today’s travellers. By receiving a 5-star rating, it will make the hard work of finding appropriate travel cover for their needs easier for consumers to choose from among the broad number of other travel insurance providers around.”

Able2Travel Travel Insurance is a specialist travel insurance product for people with pre-existing medical conditions which provides unique sections of cover including Personal Carer Replacement cover, Additional cover on your return home and Catastrophe & Travel Disruption to name a few.

VoyagerPlus Travel Insurance is an extensive travel insurance product that offers a wide range of optional sections of cover including Holiday From Hell Insurance; which offers protection against breach of contract for holidays undertaken, Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption cover and plus many more.

Both travel insurance products offer a 24/7 Emergency Helpline and protection of up to 10 million for Emergency Medical Expenses including Emergency Repatriation if necessary and offer a number of additional options to suit customer’s needs, such as Cancellation, Baggage Cover and Personal Liability.

If you would like further information on our insurance products or wish to find out what’s covered, visit the website:

Tensions In The Gulf And Iran And The Impact On Insurance Premiums

By Jonathan Moss, DWF Partner, Head of Transport and Shipping.

Increasing uncertainty and high political instability in the Gulf region is likely to lead Insurers to raise premiums, renegotiate terms of cover and introduce riders to Marine and Energy contracts of insurance and reinsurance. The past two years has seen a dramatic deterioration in Qatar's diplomatic relations with the UAE over allegations of Qatar's support for what the UAE considers to be terrorist groups.  Allegations include that Qatar is funding radical ideology and extremism. Restrictions were introduced and Qatari owned ships were prevented from operating in the Gulf  and UAE vessels heading to Qatar's port were redirected. 

In February this year, the UAE partially lifted a ban on Qatari shipping.  Qatari-origin cargoes can now enter the UAE's ports and vice versa. However, Qatari-owned or -flagged vessels are still banned from the UAE, and UAE-flagged vessels are still not permitted to visit Qatar.

The disharmony between Qatar and UAE is symptomatic of other tensions in the wider region. The antagonism between the US and Iran intensified after the US ended exemption extensions for sanctions on Iran oil sales. Iran has threatened to "close" the Strait of Hormuz and to scale back its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal if the US was to halt Iranian energy exports.

On 12th May, two Saudi oil tankers, as well as a Norwegian and a UAE-flagged ship, were attacked.  The attack took place amid increasing Saudi animosity towards Iran. To date it is unclear who was responsible for the attacks. Limpet mines were used in the May 12 coordinated attacks, which left large holes in the hulls of the four tankers, but did not cause more extensive damage or oil spills. Limpets are a type of naval mine that attach to their target with magnets. Representatives from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Norway stated “It appears most likely that the mines were placed on the vessels by divers deployed from fast boats,” the statement said. “While investigations are still ongoing, these facts are strong indications that the four attacks were part of a sophisticated and coordinated operation carried out by an actor with significant operational capacity, most likely a state actor.”

In a war of words, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih said the incident aims “to undermine the freedom of maritime navigation, and the security of oil supplies to consumers all over the world.” U.S. officials believe Iran had encouraged Yemeni Houthi militants or Iraq-based Shi’ite militias to carry out the attacks. Two days later armed drones attacked two Saudi oil pumping stations. In response, the U.S. deployed an aircraft carrier, bomber planes and defence missiles to the region, amid worsening relations with Iran.

Insurance Implications

Global insurance markets are accustomed to factoring geopolitical uncertainty into pricing models, nevertheless this geopolitical fallout has not been seen since 2003. In 2003, rates for Hull & Machinery, War Risk cover for tankers in the Persian Gulf increased significantly owing to the political instability in the region.

This coming year will see a drive by Insurers to raise premium in the face of a cocktail of instability in the region. Global Marine Insurers are closely monitoring the current situation employing complex risk models.

Determining the level of risk in the region is difficult as long periods of calm are followed by a spate of notifications to Marine Insurers of large claims caused by acts of aggression. Following the incidents involving the Saudi oil tankers on 12th May, London Market Marine Insurers met on 16th May to consider whether to increase rates for tankers in the Arabian Gulf.

The Joint War Committee (JWC), which includes LMA members and insurance providers, met extraordinarily to discuss the issue.  As a result, London Market Marine Insurers have extended the list of waters deemed high risk under their Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Peril policies to include Oman, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf after recent ship attacks off Fujairah. Saudi Arabia's risk areas were expanded to include its coasts.  The JWC has indicated that premium increases will vary. Given the risk of hostility in the Persian Gulf, Underwriters will be closely scrutinising voyages on a case-by-case basis with premium increases covering vessels in the region a near certainty

About The Author

Jonathan's practice covers multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration in the marine, non-marine and reinsurance sectors and matters as diverse as professional indemnity and D&O risks, shareholder and complex contractual disputes.

Jonathan acts for clients in the full range of commodities, shipping and commercial litigation involving, for example, port facilities, tankers, liquid cargoes and metals, and advises on contamination claims, sale of goods issues and cases arising from salvages. He also drafts a range of contracts including Storage Agreements and Terminal Usage Agreements.

The Legal 500 states,"DWF's shipping and commodities practice is led by the 'brilliant' Jonathan Moss." 

Jonathan has been recommended in successive editions of the major legal directories since 2007. These publications describe him as "first rate" (The Legal 500, Insurance and Reinsurance), "maintaining a sterling international marine, commodity and insurance and reinsurance practice" (Chambers UK, Insurance and Reinsurance), "commercially minded" (The Legal 500, Shipping) and "a key player for commodity disputes" (The Legal 500: Finance: Physical Commodities).

He is visiting lecturer in International Shipping and International Insurance Law at Queen Mary University of London. 

As Head of DWF's Transport sector, he specialises in working with companies involved in the shipping, aviation, rail, automotive and road transport and logistics sectors.

Jonathan is fluent in French and is listed counsel for the French Consulate in London.

Association Of Medical Insurers And Intermediaries Welcomes 'More' New Members

The Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) is expanding with the addition of its newest intermediary member, Morehealth Limited.

A leading team of experts, Morehealth was established in 2009 with a core aim of keeping clients insured at a lower premium.

Based in Warwickshire, the Morehealth team provides impartial advice to its customers on all matters relating to medical insurance. Morehealth has national coverage and specialises in individual PMI with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the underwriting of all major insurers.

Stuart Scullion, AMII Executive Chairman, said: "We're delighted to welcome Morehealth as our newest member. Our membership continues to expand, further cementing AMII's position as the voice of the industry.

"As a body, we're committed to raising standards and pushing the industry forward. We use our collective capacity to shape the sector for the better, and we look forward to Morehealth joining us on our journey."

AMII represents more than 90% of the UK PMI market and over 60% of the UK Health Cash Plan market*.

Leanne Moreton, Managing Director at Morehealth, said: "Navigating the health insurance market is never an easy task for anyone, whether they're an individual, a small company, or even a huge corporation.

"By joining AMII, we hope to help thousands more people make sense of all the complexities and jargon to get the right and most cost-effective cover for them personally, no matter who they might be or what their needs are."

Morehealth is the latest AMII member following Pacific Prime Consultants Limited who earlier this year joined the leading trade association for intermediaries, insurers and service providers in the health and wellbeing sector.

Further announcements are expected in the coming weeks with companies signing up for membership benefits including participation at national conferences, technical regulatory compliance support, parliamentary and regulatory lobbying, Preferential Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, online technical advice and professional support, an education events programme, and network opportunities.

Collinson Partners With The TRIP Group To Help Organisations Fulfil Duty Of Care

Collinson has partnered with the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group™ to offer best practice consultancy, educate employers, and help organisations fulfil their duty of care by keeping their travelling employees safe, secure, healthy and well.

Collinson will share its global medical and security expertise through the TRIP Group’s dedicated learning forums for its travel risk management (TRM) community. Comprising over 150 member organisations, the community includes multinational and corporates, NGOs, university and higher education institutions, government departments and companies within the travel and tourism industry.

The TRIP Group’s programme informs and educates members through its regular masterclasses and training courses, helping them to make crucial decisions relating to travel risk management services and how they care for and protect international assignees and business travellers.

In addition, members will have regular access to Collinson’s TRM experts, helping them to select a service that is fit for purpose, will provide their travelling employees with the tools needed to prepare for their assignment, and understand what solutions can be implemented to reduce the effects of travel friction.

Scott Sunderman, Head of Assistance at Collinson, said, “The TRIP Group perfectly complements our own TRM expertise and partnership approach, which allows us to deliver solutions that precisely meet our clients’ requirements and can even go beyond their duty of care obligations.

“Every organisation has individual TRM needs and our aim is to help each of our clients understand TRM and identify the best approach for them. The TRIP Group’s forums allow members to share best practice advice, and we are looking to add a new dimension to this excellent initiative by sharing the unique insight that we have gained into the issues faced by global travellers, and the services available to support them.” 

Lloyd Figgins, Chairman of the TRIP Group, commented, “Collinson is a trusted expert in global medical and security expertise, which will enhance the learning opportunities for our members and help keep their travelling employees safe and well, wherever they are in the world.

“Through our partnership with Collinson, we are changing the landscape of travel risk management and making our focus the safety of travellers, whilst ensuring those charged with travel safety within their organisations have access to the resources and insight they need to help ensure that they are best able to protect their travellers in line with their budgets.”

In addition to four annual meetings and masterclasses, Collinson and the TRIP Group will also be providing specific travel risk management training courses, which will include Advanced 1st Aid for Remote Environments, Travel Safety & Security training, as well as more specialist subjects, such as Dealing with Psychological Trauma, Cyber Security for Travellers and Kidnap Awareness & Avoidance training.

Margaret McEwan (Flo) of Explore, added: “Travel Risk Management has become an essential, not a luxury.  Risk is all around us, irrespective of whether a holidaymaker is travelling close to home or to a far-flung remote destination. We must have our finger on the pulse to make the right decisions ahead of travelling and to respond rapidly and effectively when something goes wrong. The TRIP Group and Collinson’s new collaboration provides a reliable intelligence resource for the industry assisting travel companies like Explore, in making the right decisions about what we do, and when and how we do it, in order to mitigate risk for our travelling staff and customers.”

The TRIP Group partnership builds on Collinson’s recent strategic joint venture with Drum Cussac, the global risk and security specialist, and partnership with worldwide healthcare leader, Aspen Medical. Through these relationships, Collinson offers a fully integrated 24/7/365 TRM solution, as well as enhanced benefits to support business travellers at every stage of their journey. Key benefits include people tracking and crisis management, as well as medical solutions in remote, challenging or under-resourced locations.

Collinson also offers additional, value-added benefits that go above and beyond traditional TRM to enrich the experience businesses can deliver to their travelling staff, to improve employee wellbeing and reduce traveller friction. These services include access to airport lounges, with our airport lounge and experience programme, Priority Pass™, as well as digital healthcare solutions that give travellers instant access to medical professionals, when they are travelling.

For further information please visit and  

Collinson is a global leader in the provision of medical, security and travel risk management services. Leveraging a heritage of over 55 years in emergency assistance, and operating out of 20 locations globally, our 2,200 employees successfully deliver a broad range of services designed to ensure the safety, welfare and productivity of over 20 million people travelling, living and working in over 170 countries.  Last year, we answered more than 1 million requests for assistance, responded to over 95,000 emergency calls, managed over 40,000 medical cases, and conducted over 3,000 aero-medical evacuations.

Our 24/7/365 global resources and expertise provide a comprehensive suite of travel risk services for mobile employees that help organisations manage their duty of care towards staff that operate away from their home country. Whether you require a full travel risk management programme for your employees, a customised assistance solution, crisis management planning or specific analysis and support for remote site operations, Collinson can build a solution that enables you to protect your most valuable assets, as well as protecting your organisational risk.

The TRIP Group is a travel risk management membership organisation made up of like-minded risk management professionals, who are responsible for the safety and security of personnel when they travel overseas. Members of the group come from a variety of backgrounds and industry sectors, including corporates, NGO’s, higher education, government departments, as well as the travel and tourism industry. All of which means the TRIP Group are able to draw on a wide range of experience, expertise and knowledge in order to help keep travellers safe.

Members meet at regular events throughout the year, with the focus being on sharing knowledge and providing solutions to the challenges faced by modern travellers. Membership includes access to specialist masterclasses, which focus on specific areas of travel risk management. Members also qualify for discounts on training courses, which include subjects such as Travel Safety & Security, Advanced 1st Aid for Remote Environments, Conflict Resolution for Travellers and Kidnap Awareness & Avoidance.

The TRIP Group has over 150 member organisations and is fast growing into the leading community for travel risk management professionals.


Sedgwick Appoints Wayne Cheng Chief Operations Officer For Asia

Sedgwick has named Wayne Cheng its chief operations officer for Asia. In his new role, Cheng will be responsible for executing the company's business and growth strategy and driving operational efficiency as Sedgwick scales its business across the region.

Having worked in the insurance industry for more than 20 years, Cheng has built up a wealth of experience in this sector. His specialties include data analysis, insurance claims, finance marketing, operations, project management, reinsurance and talent management. He joined Sedgwick in 2014 as general manager of Sedgwick's Asia operations. He previously held a variety of senior roles, including vice president, chief claims officer and global claims finance analyst of a leading insurance company. Cheng is also a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Associate in Claims (AIC).

"Wayne has a deep and thorough understanding of our industry, and his experience across general insurance and the Asia markets will continue to be a great asset to Sedgwick," said James Ong, Sedgwick CEO for Asia. "Wayne's main objectives as COO are to position Sedgwick for continued growth in Asia and enable our company to operate at its full capacity and capabilities. This is an exciting time for our team as Sedgwick in Asia grows from strength to strength. In this new leadership role, Wayne will help us ensure that Sedgwick remains at the forefront of the industry across the region and around the world."

As Sedgwick looks to the next phase of its business development in Asia, the company's focus on capabilities, clients and solutions will be supported by market-leading, cutting-edge technology, expertise and exceptional service.

"Sedgwick is not only the world's largest claims and risk solutions provider, but also a company that values innovation, quality and best-in-class service," Cheng said. "I'm looking forward to assisting James and working with the rest of the team in growing our business in Asia—not only in terms of products, but also in breadth of solutions and capabilities."

Sedgwick is a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions. We provide a broad range of resources tailored to our clients' specific needs in casualty, property, marine, benefits and other lines. At Sedgwick, caring counts®; through the dedication and expertise of more than 21,000 colleagues across 65 countries, the company takes care of people and organisations by mitigating and reducing risks and losses, promoting health and productivity, protecting brand reputations, and containing costs that can impact the bottom line. Sedgwick's majority shareholder is The Carlyle Group; Stone Point Capital LLC, La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) and other management investors are minority shareholders. For more, see


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Brian S. Piper, Head of Business Development, Integra Global

Chris Knight is a true professional. He is diligent and has an excellent understanding of business relationship management combined with an enthusiastic drive. He is respected by us as a leader in his specialist field and a joy to do business with.

Christopher Percival, Director, HealthCare International

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Olivier LE FAOUDER, CEO, AOC Insurance Broker

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Professor Steve Green, Trent Accreditation UK

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Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus CEO Medic Assistance International

Nuffield Health Appoints New Strategic Client Director To Private Medical Insurance Team

Nuffield Health announces the appointment of Erwan Ruiz as Strategic Client Director. In his role, Erwan will be responsible for developing deeper and broader relationships with existing Nuffield Health Private Medical Insurance partners and growing our business with them. 

Erwan started his healthcare career in 2005 with Denplan. Tasked with developing the employee cash plan business, Erwan’s role spanned dentistry, employee benefits, and insurance. He soon realised the opportunity to innovate in the health insurance space and launched a start-up, which automated paperless claims for dental plans.

In 2014, Erwan joined BMI as Commercial Relations Manager before moving to Spire in 2017, where he was Senior Commercial Manager. Within both these roles, Erwan was at the heart of the broader healthcare ecosystem, working with all the major insurers, negotiating and restructuring long-term contracts.

Now within his role at Nuffield Health, Erwan will manage the commercial relationship with Aviva as well as other key partnerships, maximising Nuffield Health’s connected health offering to clients through the existing portfolio of key service line offerings including emotional wellbeing and physiotherapy alongside diagnostics and hospital services.

Commenting on his appointment, Erwan said: “Insurers represent a significant portion of spend with the private operators and whilst PMI spend remains flat, I believe our industry is converging with greater focus on our mutual customer.

“I think part of being truly customer centric means forging meaningful partnerships with insurers to help drive innovation. Nuffield Health shares this view and that’s why I’m excited to be joining the team.”

Nuffield Health Corporate Partnerships and Sales Director Jenni Wilson added: “It’s great to welcome Erwan into the organisation. He brings with him not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but a passion and understanding of the healthcare industry.”

Peter Costello Named President And Chief Operating Officer Of BCS Financial Corporation

BCS Financial Corporation has announced that Peter Costello has been appointed as president and chief operating officer of BCS Financial Corporation, effective May 21.

"We're pleased to welcome Peter Costello in his newly expanded role as president and chief operating officer of BCS Financial Corporation," said Dan Loepp, chair of the BCS Board of Directors. "During this time of transformation in the healthcare industry, we are confident that Peter possesses the experience, perspective and capabilities necessary to lead and grow BCS in the coming years."

"It's an honor and a privilege to be asked to lead this successful team of talented and dedicated associates during this period of dramatic change in our industry," said Costello. "I look forward to everything we can accomplish together while continuing to provide the growth, diversification and protection solutions our customers expect from us."

Costello, who previously served as the company's chief operating officer, brings more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and technology to his new role. Prior to joining BCS in 2014, Costello was senior vice president at Cogito Corp., a behavior analytics company named by Inc. Magazine as one of 2014's fastest-growing companies. Peter served as vice president at both Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Excellus Health Plan, and co-founded two technology-based startups. Peter also served as an officer in the United States Navy and holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Providence College, a Masters Certificate in Systems Engineering from University of California, Irvine, and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Statistics from the University of Illinois.

Scott Beacham, who has served as the company's president and chief executive officer and a member of the board since March 2008, will continue his role as chief executive officer until Nov. 30, 2019. Beacham possesses 40 years of experience with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, previously serving as the president and chief operating officer of Excellus Health Plan Inc., and as a business advisor for Group Hospitalization and Medical Services Inc., a Washington, D.C., affiliate of CareFirst Inc.

"Scott Beacham is an exceptional business leader who has served the company with dedication and pride during his tenure. Over the past decade, he has transformed the culture of BCS Financial Corporation into one that supports, protects and enhances the success of Blue Companies across the country. His vision, along with his commitment to excellence, has enabled BCS to consistently deliver for its shareholders and left a lasting mark on the organization," said Dan Loepp. "On behalf of the board, I'd like to thank Scott for his contributions to BCS and wish him well in his future pursuits."

BCS Financial Corporation has more than 70 years of experience delivering a wide range of insurance and financial solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations nationwide. Through its subsidiaries, BCS Insurance Company and 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, BCS is licensed in all 50 states and is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best. BCS Financial is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Learn more at

Three-Quarters Of Expat Men Worried About Local Healthcare

In recognition of Men’s Health Week, new research reveals that the majority of men living abroad are concerned about their local healthcare facilities, with two-thirds prepared to return to their home country for treatment.

Four-in-five (84%) male expats have needed to access healthcare since moving abroad, according to new research by AXA – Global Healthcare. However, the research has also revealed that three-quarters (72%) have concerns about the healthcare in their new country, with two-thirds (65%) claiming that they would even travel back to their home country to receive medical treatment. This was in comparison with just 59% of women.

When asked what specifically concerned them about the local medical facilities, a quarter of male expats said that they were worried about the quality of medical care (26%) and cost of treatment (26%), while nearly a fifth were worried about the facilities (18%) and being away from their family while ill (15%).

Logistical concerns were an issue for many, with 15% worrying about having to pay up-front for treatment and 12% feeling concerned about arranging treatment in a foreign language.

Andy Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, AXA – Global Healthcare commented: “As exciting as it can be to start a new life abroad, getting ill in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting. Whether you’re concerned about the facilities or treatment options that are available in your new home, trying to navigate an unfamiliar healthcare system or simply being away from your family, it’s vital that anyone who is considering living abroad takes some time to research the local healthcare facilities and consider options like booking a health check before you relocate to highlight any potential issues to be aware of before you go.”

The research also found that male expats’ concern about the local healthcare facilities varied in different countries. A huge proportion (94%) of men in Hong Kong were worried about the local healthcare, compared with 84% in UAE, 76% in France, 65% in Canada and 64% in UK.

However, male expats in different countries had different approaches. Three-quarters (74%) of those in the UAE would return home for medical treatment, compared with 61% in France, 55% in the UK, 49% in Hong Kong and 42% in Canada.

Andy Edwards concluded: “It’s normal to feel nervous about seeking medical attention abroad, and in some cases, it may be necessary to travel elsewhere for certain treatments or to visit particular specialists. There are plenty of great sources of advice that can help to make your experience more manageable, though. Whether you’re turning to fellow expats or local friends for support, your local doctor or a virtual doctor service, your insurer or even a simple internet search, finding a source you trust is half the battle.”

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