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Voyager Insurance Services Launches - Flexible Unique ‘UK Style’ “Anywhere to Anywhere” GlobalVoyager Travel Insurance Product

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new and unique travel insurance product designed specifically for international and expatriate residents worldwide.

With the world becoming a smaller place to travel or do business, especially online, brokers and Intermediaries often come across travel insurance requests from customers abroad, or who may not be eligible for their ‘standard’ travel insurance, or who have already travelled. Their websites will often have up to 50% of visitors from overseas that is wasted traffic if they can’t offer a solution. GlobalVoyager is the world’s first flexible comprehensive ‘UK style’ international travel insurance solution available for individuals, families and groups of expats and international citizens travelling on leisure or business from virtually “anywhere to anywhere” and is available to residents of almost every country around the world.

“To date many brokers and intermediaries have been missing many valuable sales opportunities due to not having a comprehensive ‘UK’ style international and expat travel insurance product” comments Carl Carter, Deputy Managing Director. “The few products available elsewhere tend to be inflexible or restricted to Medical Only Cover and don’t offer the range of ‘UK style’ non-medical covers much needed by the conscientious traveller”. GlobalVoyager, as well as providing Emergency Medical Expenses, Evacuation and Assistance Benefits, has additional optional benefits that can be added to any policy to tailor it to the needs of the customer such as:

• Optional Enhanced Travel Benefits – such as Baggage, Legal Expenses, Personal Liability and Personal Liability;

• Optional Cancellation, Curtailment & Abandonment Benefits;

• Optional Winter Sports Activities & Benefits – such as On Piste Skiing or Snowboarding activities, Piste Closure and Ski Equipment;

• Optional Action or Action Plus - Adventure Sports Activities.

“Voyager Insurance Services has been providing award winning travel insurance for 20 years, so it has been a natural progression to expand from providing travel insurance for UK and EEA customers, to customers worldwide” adds Carter. “GlobalVoyager is the world’s first global travel insurance product that delivers ‘UK style’ comprehensive cover and flexibility making it a one-stop solution for travel insurance for the global traveller.” Carter continues, “This is a significant opportunity for brokers and intermediaries of all sizes, as this product can cater for such a wide range of residencies as well as destinations. You never know what cover the next customer walking through the door, or the customer who visits your website, is going to need but with GlobalVoyager you will be prepared for virtually all circumstances.”

GlobalVoyager Snap-Shot Features:

• ‘UK style’ plan, regulated by the FCA and insured by an ‘A’ Rated Global Insurer.

• Choice of £GBP, €Euro or $US Premiums and Schedule of Cover.

• Both Single Trip and Annual policies available.

• Policies are available in up to 4 levels of cover; Basic, Standard, Super and Elite (3 levels of cover available for Annual policies).

• Available to residents virtually any country worldwide, including expatriates and foreign nationals.

• Can be bought for one way trips or even after departure (or arrival).

• Policy duration from 3 days to 3 years available.

• No age limit on Single Trip policies.

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