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Brits Travel Without Insurance To Cut Costs Of Holidays

Brits Travel Without Insurance To Cut Costs Of Holidays

72% of Britons would be prepared to cut corners to save money on the cost of a holiday abroad in the next year – and it is the nation's youngest travellers that are most likely to put themselves and others at risk in the pursuit of a cheap holiday, according to new data from specialist travel insurance provider AllClear.

Following a summer when many people put holiday plans on hold, the AllClear data suggests that some people will be having a belated overseas break during the autumn and winter months [see notes to editors].  For those planning a holiday, the research highlights polarised attitudes between young and older travellers on matters relating to safety and holiday spend.
Under 25s: Cutting corners for a bargain break.
AllClear's data reveals that 90% of under 25-year olds would be prepared to cut corners in order to have a cheaper holiday abroad. High on the list of economies the under 25s were most likely to make - 20% would be happy to rely on public transport overseas, despite risks relating to social distancing, just under one in five young travellers (16%) would go for the cheapest possible insurance cover and 10% said they would be happy to travel abroad with no insurance at all.
Over 55s: Prepared to pay more to put safety first.
In sharp contrast to the under 25s, the over 55 holiday makers were those least likely to cut corners (54%) – and least likely to travel without insurance (4%) or to entertain the false economy of buying cheap insurance cover (7%). 
Older travellers were most likely to want to pay more money for a safer trip (£1,436 vs £1,233 of under 35s), pick a destination based on its safety in terms of COVID-19 (31% vs 24%) consider the risks of the country going back into lockdown (30% vs 24%), and the state of the health service in the country they planned to visit (27% vs 21%). The over 55s were also those most likely to ensure they had insurance that covered them for issues relating to Covid-19 (28% vs 20%). 
The measure of 'safety first' becoming the dominant consideration for the older traveller is reflected in how much the 'essentials to pack' list has changed compared to previous years. Sweeping aside traditional items such as travel money, sunglasses, credit cards, guides and sun cream, the new items joining the passport as the most essential items to pack comprised of: Face masks (32% vs 25% of under 35s); medicines for pre-existing medical conditions (31% vs 17%);  and insurance documents (31% vs 16%). 
Chris Rolland, Chief Executive at AllClear commented, "Whilst summer season is now over, a steady number of people are still planning overseas breaks through the autumn, winter and spring months. There won't be a stampede but instead a steady flow, as many Brits ensure they get their break abroad when it is safe to do so. 
"Our research suggests stark generational differences on attitudes to travel. The over 50s are setting the example for us all by putting safety first and being prepared to pay more for it. Many older people are travelling to visit children and relatives and they are responsibly assessing the risks. With young travellers, the drive for a cheap break is not always well thought through and some of these travellers could be sleep-walking into trouble. 
"Since the outbreak of the pandemic, AllClear has led an agenda on responsible travel and we have worked hard through the summer to design a comprehensive insurance package to help make travel safe for older travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions. We encourage everyone to follow the latest government advice and to weigh up all the safety considerations before making a trip. For those that do travel, AllClear has designed its cover to try to protect them every step of the way." 
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