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Will Bupa And DNI Now Compete In Several Countries Where Generali And Generali Employee Benefits Are Both In Business, Or Just The Middle East, Or Just The UAE?

In this article, Ian Youngman, leading insurance analyst and author of the leading iPMI market report, “International Health Insurance 2021" talks about the DNI takeover of the Global Choice international medical insurance portfolio of Generali Global Health.

A few weeks ago Generali and Bupa announced a deal on IPMI.

Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) and Bupa Global announced a strategic partnership to offer “best-in-class” international private medical insurance and global employee benefits solutions to their new and existing corporate customers.

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GEB customers will have access to Bupa Global’s quality, expertise, and comprehensive health and wellbeing offering, when and where they need it, across 190+ countries. Bupa Global customers will also have the ability to access global health and benefits solutions provided by GEB’s worldwide network.

What is easy to miss here is that it only refers to corporate business.

So what happens to the individual business of Generali Global Health?

The implication is that Generali Global Health would cease trading and leave the IPMI market.

I expect details to be explained on December 15th, 2021 when Generali will hold a virtual Investor Day to present its new strategic plan.

One part of the future was leaked – but it leaves gaps in knowledge.

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance (DNI), one of the leading insurance companies in the UAE, has partnered with Munich Re to take over some of the Global Choice medical portfolio of Generali Global Health.

Munich Re took over the reinsurance of Global Choice in July 2021.

DNI and Munich Re will maintain the existing policy benefits and terms and conditions of Global Choice.

Abdulla Al Nuaimi, CEO of DNI said, "We are delighted to officially announce the takeover of the GGH portfolio in collaboration with Munich Re. This exciting new collaboration affirms our commitment to continuously provide the same level of benefits and enhanced quality services to our clients and existing policyholders. We are dedicated to working with and strengthening our relationship with our partners to ensure seamless integration, giving customers peace of mind that they will not only continue to enjoy the benefits of GGH but take advantage of the combined expertise that DNI and Munich Re have to offer on the international medical front.”

Dr Frank Mayer, CEO, Munich Re comments, "DNI has been a trusted partner, and we are eager to work together and continue to expand our portfolio of services in the coming years. We believe that, together, we are in the best position to cultivate an even stronger and more comprehensive ecosystem that will allow us to serve our customers and partners better."

To ensure seamless operations following the takeover, DNI has continued working with Munich Re subsidiary MedNet as the third-party administrator owing to their familiarity with the scheme. The process will continue under the new partnership with Munich Re. The international network direct billing facilities previously through GGH will now be offered through the MedNet Global Network.

Although MedNet has a global network, DNI is limited to the Gulf and most of that is in the UAE.

Will Bupa and DNI now be competing in several countries where Generali and Generali Employee Benefits are both in business, or just the Middle East or just the UAE?

What will happen to the rest of the Generali Global Health portfolio?


There is a trend for even leading global insurers to decide to stop competing in PMI and IPMI in selected countries.

There is also a trend for insurers to work in partnership with local groups and TPAs.

Regional groups see gaps.

What is interesting is to look at the plans of Oman Insurance to offer PMI/IPMI in six more countries from 2022 in association with four named and two yet unknown local insurers.

Looking at other recent deals, there is a move for insurers in Africa and The Gulf to offer PMI and IPMI across borders in association with others from the region.

While this may or may not have anything to do with Afghanistan it is very clear that American and European insurers are going to have to compete with strong local rivals.

My tip for 2022 is watch for more country exits by USA and European insurers.

But it is not all one way traffic, with Zurich quietly entering in some countries and the expected IPMI launch from HDI Global - ironically bringing us full circle as they have been recruiting from Generali Global Health.

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International Private Medical Insurance Market Updates With iPMI Analyst Ian Youngman

In the article International Health Insurance 2021 IPMI market report author Ian Youngman, looks at the latest developments in the international private medical insurance market including:

  • The recent Bupa/Generali deal;
  • British expatriates in Spain;
  • Changes to the law for foreign investors in Indian insurance companies;
  • How health insurance premiums will grow in China;
  • Opportunities in Health Insurance in Iran.

British expats in Spain

In 2020 there were 360,000 British expats in Spain. Some work there and some retire to there.

Many have a UK home and a Spanish home. They spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Spain. This worked when the UK was in the EU. Now they have to choose between living in Spain full time or for less than 3 months. Many are selling up in Spain.

This will hit the IPMI market for those small UK agencies targeting British expats.

Bupa and Generali

There have been rumours on the grid for months that Generali was getting out of writing IPMI.

The Bupa/Generali deal allows Generali to concentrate on other areas it is better and bigger at - while allowing Bupa to enter or expand in many countries without having to build or increase a local infrastructure.

Global IPMI is now something you can no longer dabble in. You either commit globally or where you want to be. So I expect more insurer/insurer deals.

Yes, an insurer can decide only to offer IPMI in select countries. That works for individuals and SMEs. But what happens when your biggest corporate customers decide to become major players in a country where you have withdrawn from or refuse to enter, and you need a local base or partner as offshore IPMI is not allowed?

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Indian Insurance Companies (Foreign Investment) Amendment Rules, 2021 apply to new and existing insurers with foreign shareholders.

This increased the foreign investment ceiling from 49% to 74% in the insurance industry from May 2021, as the government seeks capital injections and growth in the insurance sector.

Indian insurance companies that have foreign investors must have the majority of their directors and key management persons as resident Indian citizens. At least one of the following – board chairperson, managing director, or CEO – must also meet the citizenship requirements.

Insurers have until May 2022 to comply with these new rules.

Several IPMI insurers have started the process of increasing their stake in Indian subsidiaries.


Health insurance premiums in China will grow by 14% annually over the next 10 years, and China's share of global health premiums will rise from less than 2% today to 4.2% in 2029, forecasts Swiss Re Institute (SRI) in a Sigma report.

In China, new business will support double-digit growth in PMI premiums. State figures say that by end 2021 1.4 billion people have health insurance plus 236 million with maternity insurance.

In spite of fast-growing household incomes and also insurance penetration, a still-large health protection gap in China exists. The development of private health insurance, in particular products for the fast-growing middle-income class, is a key to closing the gap. The experience of China in effecting greater uptake of private health insurance has reduced high out of pocket expenses.

Foreign ownership in China is complex but IPMI insurers see this as a massive market


Hiss boo - the pantomime villain of the world, if you only read Western media.

The second biggest economy in the Middle East is making massive progress on its own and by new deals with Russia and China on infrastructure and trade, and hard currency that the US and Europe thought they had cut off.

The US, after its massive success in Afghanistan and Iraq somehow thinks it can bring about regime change by economic and political pressure - dream on.

While European and US insurers are banned from Iran by their governments - expect Chinese health insurers to move in.

So if you are a US or EU insurer – if you own or part own a Chinese insurer- it can write offshore business in Iran! 

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Leading international private medical insurance publisher iPMI Magazine is excited to announce the launch of the “International Health Insurance 2021" IPMI market report written by leading insurance and healthcare analyst Ian Youngman.

There are now 80 million expatriates, 5 million international students, 4 million temporary foreign workers, and 18 million high net worth individuals of which 2.7 million are ultra high net worth. All of these are targets for international private medical insurance.

How To Buy International Health Insurance (IPMI) 2021

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About The Author

Ian Youngman is a writer and researcher specialising in insurance. He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He publishes a range of market reports and undertakes research for companies and has London market management experience with brokers and insurers. 



iPMI Magazine Speaks With Sheldon Kenton President And CEO, GeoBlue

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, sits down with Sheldon Kenton President And CEO, GeoBlue, to discuss his new appointment at GeoBlue, the IPMI market and the strategic development and service relationship between GeoBlue, Bupa and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Firstly, congratulations on your new appointment and thank you for sitting down to speak with us. May you introduce yourself and background in the international medical insurance market?

I have worked in the IPMI market for almost 25 years. Nearly 20 years with Cigna Global in Europe, and five years with Cigna Global in the U.S. I joined Bupa Global in 2015, and in 2018, was pleased to take over responsibility for GeoBlue in the U.S. I continue to support Bupa Global’s strategy and customer value proposition given the collaboration with GeoBlue and the critical role GeoBlue plays in delivering U.S.-based services for the Bupa Global co-branded products.

You have been appointed to guide strategic direction and collaboration between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa to deliver differentiated solutions for customers and brokers worldwide. How will you do this?

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa are two of the most respected brands in healthcare. This was reinforced when the two organisations came together to provide high-quality products and services under the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand. This relationship provides our customers access to the largest care network worldwide. GeoBlue leverages the reach and reputation of Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa, and combines it with our exceptional service and technology to deliver market-leading products, unparalleled access and service for customers and brokers worldwide.

Can you update us on the progress of the Bupa and Blue Cross Blue Shield business alliance?

Our collaboration was born out of a shared vision to deliver world-class healthcare products and services to meet the needs of globally mobile customers. It has proved beneficial in a number of ways. First, GeoBlue collaborated with Bupa to deliver compliant solutions and established networks for our Blue Cross Blue Shield Global members in regulated markets, notably the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Second, Bupa customers have enjoyed full access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield networks when traveling to the U.S. This year we will complete a network integration for our corporate Blue Cross Blue Shield Global expat members.

We will continue to enhance the customer value proposition for both GeoBlue and Bupa Global customers going forward.

Walk us through the product and service relationship between GeoBlue, Bupa and Blue Cross Blue Shield?

GeoBlue is responsible for delivering a full portfolio of international Blue Cross Blue Shield Global branded products with Blue Plans across the U.S. for multinational clients or individuals leaving the U.S. for work, study or vacation. Bupa/BCBS co-branded products provide multi-national employers outside the U.S. with a comprehensive global solution. GeoBlue manages all care for these customers when travelling and accessing the Blue Cross Blue Shield network in the U.S.

Currently what iPMI plans and products are available to worldwide insurance brokers from GeoBlue?

We offer a full range of expatriate and traveler benefit plans available to multinational organizations, institutions of higher education and individuals. In addition, this year we are piloting an offering that will provide business and leisure coverage abroad to an employer’s entire insured population. This solution provides employees with security, knowing the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand they trust will be there – no matter where they travel.

What benefits can IPMI brokers, agents and intermediaries expect from working with GeoBlue?

Via GeoBlue, our intermediaries get access to a full range of Blue Cross Blue Shield Global products and services that are underpinned by the strength of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network in the U.S. and the Bupa network outside the U.S. In addition, they can expect outstanding customer service and market-leading digital and mobile capabilities, all designed to simplify the international healthcare experience for our members.

You have a vast amount of experience in the iPMI market. How has the iPMI market changed in that time?

Like most market segments, technology has driven incredible change. Fortunately, GeoBlue entered the market back in 1997 as a technology-driven company and that foundation has served us well. IPMI customers are increasingly demanding highly connected, always-on technology and services, just as they expect and receive in every other part of their lives. The biggest change has been in customers‘ attitudes in where they get care and for what. 25 years ago, when I first got involved in IPMI, the main focus of customers (and their employers) was how well an IPMI provider could handle medical evacuations.

These days, customers want to be able to receive care locally and globally. They also want their IPMI provider to support their mental wellbeing as well as their physical wellness. This makes scale, breadth and expertise all hugely important. GeoBlue, with Bupa and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s support, gives customers confidence knowing that they have access to quality healthcare products and services to meet all of their needs, where ever they may live, work or travel.

In terms of geographic markets, which areas of the world is GeoBlue focusing on and why?

GeoBlue‘s commercial focus is U.S.-based multi-national employers as well as institutions of higher education and U.S. residents. The Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa Global networks enable GeoBlue to service these customer segments in more than 190 countries and territories.

Can you explain what a typical IPMI customer looks like?

I don‘t think there is a typical IPMI customer! However, all IPMI customers want cashless access to high quality medical facilities where and when they need it. To be able to do this digitally, particularly through mobile devices, is also important; our IPMI customers tend to be highly mobile, tech savvy and on the go. Beyond this, our customers come to us from all walks of life, all ages and travelling to all corners of the globe.

One of the most widely asked questions at iPMI Magazine is how big is the IPMI market. What are your thoughts and what do you believe IPMI insurers need to be successful?

There is no exact answer. There are numerous studies that attempt to size the market, with every one suggesting IPMI is a growing segment. I think this is true as corporations and individuals are increasing globally mobile. I also expect this growth may accelerate as new types of buyers emerge (i.e. domestic customers looking for higher-end healthcare coverage, independent of employers and original country of purchase.)

Globally-mobile populations want comprehensive coverage and access to quality healthcare services where ever their travel takes them. To deliver against these needs I think the ability to scale is critical. The combined strength, scale and expertise we deliver through Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bupa Global gives me confidence that we can be there for our customers wherever and whenever they need us.

Last and not least, if you could live anywhere, on land or at sea, where would it be?

I’ve been lucky enough to live in various parts of the world. The one thing this has taught me is that where you live is far less important than its proximity to those you love. I’ll leave it at that!

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Learn more about GeoBlue, click here to fill in a provider request form, or click here to read more about them.


Bupa To Enter Turkish Health Insurance Market Through Acıbadem Sigorta Acquisition

Acıbadem Sigorta is a specialist health insurance provider with both corporate and individual customers. Headquartered in Istanbul, it has over 500 employees and covers 600,000 lives. In 2017 Acıbadem Sigorta generated gross written premiums of TRY913m.

Simeon Preston, CEO of Bupa International Markets, said, "We’re delighted to announce Bupa’s agreement to acquire Acıbadem Sigorta. Its impressive growth, first-class management team and customer focus make it an excellent choice for market entry. We have been watching the Turkish market for several years and we believe it offers excellent prospects for growth. We see this acquisition as a long-term strategic investment for us. Bupa and Acıbadem Sigorta have a shared commitment to putting customers first, and we look forward to welcoming the team into the Bupa family.”

Gökhan Gürcan, CEO of Acıbadem Sigorta added, “We’re very much looking forward to becoming part of the Bupa family. Together we have a shared commitment to helping our customers live longer, healthier, happier lives. Bupa has a strong record of developing and growing the businesses it acquires and has the resources and expertise to help us build on the successes of the past 26 years. Together we can support the continued development of the Turkish health insurance market.”

From 2013 to 2017, Acıbadem Sigorta increased its GWP market share from 12% to 18% and became the number one Turkish health insurer in corporate business and number two overall. Acıbadem Sigorta is managed by an experienced executive team – each member of the senior management team has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Acıbadem Sigorta is the largest health insurer in the Turkish Corporate PMI segment with a 27% share of GWP. In the individual PMI segment it is the third-placed player with a 9% market share.

Bupa will benefit from Acıbadem Sigorta’s local market knowledge, and their customers and employees will benefit from the strength of Bupa’s expertise and experience.

Acıbadem Sigorta is currently wholly-owned by Avicennia Capital, a Malaysia-based financial holding company.

The deal is subject to regulatory approvals.



Bupa To Acquire UK's Leading Private Dental Provider

Bupa announces it has agreed to acquire Oasis Dental Care, the UK’s leading private dental provider, from Bridgepoint, the European private equity group, in a transaction totalling £835 million.

The move is a significant milestone in Bupa’s strategy to offer customers high quality dental services. Bupa will become a major dental provider in the UK’s £7.1bn1

dental market, with over 2m customers, over 1,800 clinicians and 420 clinics.

Bupa UK Managing Director, David Hynam, said, “There’s strong customer demand for high-quality, value-for-money dental services that are convenient and easy to use. Bupa and Oasis have a shared commitment to putting customers first, and we look forward to working together and welcoming the Oasis team into Bupa.”

Oasis CEO, Justin Ash, said: “Our growth is accelerating and enthusiasm is building amongst dentists and customers. As part of the Bupa family, we can really develop further and continue to transform the UK dentistry market. Above all, the success of Oasis is built on the talent and commitment of our clinicians and staff, and the loyalty of our two million customers. We will continue to focus on their needs every day.”

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

1 Source: 2015/16 figures estimated by L.E.K. Consulting


Bupa Global Expands International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Reach With New Office In Switzerland

Bupa’s international private medical insurance (IPMI) business Bupa Global has announced the opening of a new office in Zurich, Switzerland. The opening follows the approval of a new insurance licence, enabling Bupa Global to sell International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) policies to corporate customers based in Switzerland.

Under the new licence, businesses in Switzerland can now have access to the most premium global cover for their expat employees while they are working and also travelling. Bupa Global works with businesses to design bespoke offerings which provide rich cover and benefits to meet the needs of globally mobile and globally minded employees. Swiss corporates can also leverage the benefits of Bupa’s global footprint and have access to the largest network of healthcare providers worldwide, where Bupa pays the bills directly. But customers also have the freedom to choose any recognised medical provider worldwide for their treatment.

Commenting on the new office, Sheldon Kenton, Managing Director, Bupa Global said: “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Zurich, allowing us to extend our reach to corporate businesses based in Switzerland, in line with our growth ambitions. The office opening reflects our commitment to have a local presence wherever our customers are located, allowing us to best serve our customers in their own culture, language and time zone.

“As a global financial hub, Zurich hosts a number of multinational businesses, which in turn attract talent from around the world. Looking after the health and wellbeing of these globally minded and globally mobile employees is becoming increasingly important for businesses and we expect to see strong growth potential in the market.” 

Bupa Global currently provides cover to two million customers around the world, of which approximately half are corporate customers.


Global Chief Medical Officer Network Convenes To Explore Human Performance And Mental Wellbeing

The Global Chief Medical Officer Network, a group of world-leading clinicians from top global companies, will convene today to explore human performance in the workplace, with a focus on mental wellbeing.

Committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health, the network is a unique collaboration of health experts, formed to combine their insight, experience and global reach in order to tackle the biggest health challenges in the world through driving behaviour change in the workplace. 

Powered by Bupa, the network comprises of 43 Chief Medical Officers from some of the world’s top companies, collectively responsible for a workforce of over 7.5 million people.

Hosted by McLaren Applied Technologies’ healthcare team, the network is set to explore mental wellbeing in the workplace as an urgent agenda item, as psychological ill health accounts for 38% of all illness in high-income countries.1 The World Health Organization states that every $1 invested in scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety leads to a return of $4 in better health and ability to work.

With half of the world’s population in work, prioritising mental wellbeing in the workplace has the potential to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, leaving employees happier and healthier and transforming the health of millions.

Speakers will include: Clayton Green, Manager of Human Performance Programme at McLaren Applied Technologies who will discuss how he maximises drivers’ and pit-stop teams’ physical and mental performance, alongside an insight into physiological determinants of performance among traders in the financial markets from Dr John Coates Major General Andy Salmon CMG OBE, will reflect on his Royal Marines experience.

Also featured at the event are Bupa’s Dr. Paul Zollinger-Read and Dr. Bill Mitchell, a clinical psychologist. Dr Bill Mitchell will give an overview of his Performance Energy programme, which is currently being trialled with select employees amongst Bupa’s 84,000 strong workforce. Performance Energy is a cultural change programme that offers a holistic perspective of workplace wellbeing and one that gives managers permission and employees the flexibility to put themselves first.

Dr. Paul Zollinger-Read, Bupa’s Chief Medical Officer said: “Bupa's purpose of longer, healthier, happier lives can only be achieved in the long-term if we view wellbeing at work holistically, valuing psychological health to the same degree as we do physical.

“We’re beginning this journey with our own people at work through programmes like Performance Energy to ensure that they’re feeling and performing at their best, inside and out. Prioritising mental wellbeing with the CMO network offers us a unique opportunity to put this on the business agenda of workplaces across the world.”

Dr Adam Hill, CMO for McLaren Applied Technologies said: “We’re thrilled to be hosting the latest round of the CMO Network. With five decades of understanding what it means to optimise performance in the world of motorsports, McLaren is now applying those accumulated insights and approaches to health and wellness, whether that’s through our work improving drug trials or supporting human performance in the workplace.”
1. Data taken from the World Health Organisation 

Bupa CEO Steps Down

Bupa has announced that Stuart Fletcher is stepping down as CEO, with Evelyn Bourke, the Chief Financial Officer, becoming Acting CEO as of 4 April 2016.


Stuart Fletcher was appointed CEO of Bupa in March 2012. Stuart joined Bupa from Diageo where he was President, Diageo International. Previously, he held financial roles at Procter & Gamble and United Glass.

Lord Leitch, Chairman, said, "Stuart has made a very significant contribution to Bupa and leaves the company stronger than ever, having brought the customer and our people even further to the fore, as well as extending Bupa’s global footprint.”

“Under Stuart’s leadership, growth has been good, particularly given challenging market conditions. However, current growth plans do not match our expectations, and so we have agreed that the time is right for him to step down.”

“Evelyn is well placed to take on the Acting CEO role, with a strong track record and extensive experience in financial services, risk and capital management, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions.”

Stuart Fletcher said, "It has been a privilege to have led Bupa’s transformation over the past four years and I am incredibly proud of our achievements. It is the 84,000 colleagues that make Bupa so special, and I express my heartfelt thanks to each of them for the difference they make every day for Bupa’s customers. I know that Bupa will go from strength to strength and I will work to fully support Evelyn during the transition period.”

Evelyn Bourke, Acting CEO said, "It’s an absolute honour to be appointed as the Acting CEO of Bupa. I very much look forward to building on our success for our customers, people and partners."

Evelyn Bourke became CFO of Bupa in September 2012. Evelyn joined from Friends Life where she was Chief Executive Officer of its Heritage division. Previously at Friends Provident, she was the Executive Director responsible for strategy, capital and risk and, before that, Chief Financial Officer. She also served as Finance Director of Standard Life UK.

In due course the Board will conduct an internal and external search process.  


Bupa Chief Legal Officer Announces Plan To Retire

Bupa announced the intention of Chief Legal Officer Paul Newton to retire at the end of the year, after 29 years of service. 

Paul joined Bupa as a legal adviser in 1987. He became Bupa’s General Counsel in 2005 and joined the Bupa Executive Team in 2013.  

Stuart Fletcher CEO Bupa paid tribute to Paul’s contribution and commitment to the organisation.  

"Whilst I'm personally very sorry to be losing Paul from the company and the Bupa Executive Team I fully understand and respect his decision to retire following 29 years of outstanding service. 

"Paul has built our Legal function into an externally recognised world-class team. I value his counsel, experience and contribution immensely.  He has been a true champion of Bupa’s values and purpose and has played a key role in the development of many long-term careers at Bupa. His deep commitment to growing others has enabled us to set a standard for leadership across the global Legal function that few organisations can match.   The appointment of Penny as Paul's successor is evidence of the effective talent management framework we have established."

Penny Dudley, currently Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Bupa Global Market Unit, will succeed Paul and be appointed Chief Legal Officer from 1 April 2016.  She will also join the Executive Team from the same date.  

Penny joined Bupa in 2010 as a Head of Legal for Bupa's international health insurance business and has held a number of roles within the organisation before being appointed Legal Director for Bupa Global in May 2013.  

Paul will remain a member of the Bupa Executive Team ahead of his retirement and will work closely with Penny during the transition period, acting as Bupa’s General Counsel and leading a number of specific significant business projects.


Bupa Appoints Simon Blair And Janet Voûte As Board Directors

Bupa announces the appointment of Simon Blair and Janet Voûte to its Board as non-executive directors.

Simon joins the Board following an extensive career in Australia and New Zealand, a key market for Bupa. Most recently, Simon was Group Executive International Financial Services for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to this, his roles included Chief Operating Officer at Australian health insurer, Medibank, Lead Health Specialist for the World Bank, and CEO of Australia’s largest public hospital group. Simon also holds a number of other non-executive positions.

Janet is currently Global Head of Public Affairs at Nestlé SA and Chairman of the Creating Shared Value Council focusing on nutrition, water and rural development. Previously she served as Partnership Advisor at the World Health Organisation in the area of non-communicable diseases and mental health. Janet also spent eight years as the CEO of the World Heart Federation. Her early career was in management consulting including at The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company, where her final position was Vice President and Partner.

Lord Leitch, Chairman of Bupa, said, “We are delighted to welcome Simon and Janet to the Board. Their international experience and understanding of the insurance and healthcare sectors complements the skill-set of existing Board members. We look forward to benefitting from their expertise as we seek to make a positive impact on the health of millions more people around the world."

Simon and Janet will join the Bupa Board on 12 January 2016.

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