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Round Table: Critical Considerations When Designing Individual Expat Medical Insurance Plans

Critical Considerations When Designing Medical Insurance Plans

Whats important when designing medical insurance plans for overseas assignments, relocation, business and leisure travel? How are insurers viewing the market and is there a shift towards short-term cover, for individual expatriates and travelers

Job Title: C-Level ONLY


What factors must one consider when designing health and medical insurance plans for individual expatriates?

Talk us through your under writing capabilities and ideas: (think about Full medical underwriting, Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME) and Moratorium)

What benefits does full medical underwriting bring?

How do your private medical insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions?

What is the key to success when designing health insurance plans for individual expats?

Can you talk us through your distribution channels and any new trends you have identified?

How does designing a good expatriate health insurance product equal quality driven healthcare anywhere, at any time?

How important is the portability of an individual expatriate insurance plan?

How can insurers add value to expatriate health insurance plans?

Currently, what is your most popular and appropriate plan for an individual expat working on a short-term assignment?

What new plan features and benefits can we expect to see in the next 5 years?

Specifics: iPMIM Executive Round Tables are not open to all and remain invite only. You may apply for a position if you satisfy the following criteria:

  • You are a specialist and recognised underwriter or provider of private medical insurance products;
  • You have an established network of third party service providers including healthcare providers and distribution partners.

PLEASE note that satisfying the criteria and applying will not guarantee a position at the table.

Participants enjoy:

  • Complete inclusion in 4 executive round tables;
  • Full professional executive bio;
  • Company logo;
  • Company bio;
  • Single or double page advertisement;
  • Complete online promotion.

About International Private Medical Insurance Magazine (iPMIM) Round Tables

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